February 4th, 2005

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Hi there!

I just transferred to a college around here. I'm only 20 so I can't go to the bars, but I was wondering if any of you fine folks could tell me where I could go to meet girls who like girls!

I look straight so it's hard to pick up people, any help would be much appreciated!


Anna P.
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Worky Work!

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This sucks

I so badly want to own Halo 2...but all I see is that it will probably never be available for a PS2. I haven't bought Xbox or PS2 yet, but still...I'm trying to figure out which one I'd be happier with. I am absolutely in love with the Grand Theft Auto Games...haven't played San Andreas, but I have to wait until June of this year for it to be available for the Xbox? Sucky sucky. I want to buy a PS2 solely for the GTA games. The other 2 are available for Xbox now....plus Halo 2.


so confusing.

Why can't they cater to my needs?

What do you think PDX? What would you do? (No...I'm not buying them both...heh)
Smiley Ed
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downtown bars west of the river, north of a world gone wrong

Myself and a few others are volunteering at St. VdP tonight. And since I have a minor desire to become unhinged afterwards, that begs the question...

What's your suggestion for the hippest bar downtown for the tragically unhip? I say unhip cos we're Lovecraft-style Ancient Ones in our late 20's/early 30s with no need to don patterned socks or LBDs.


Don't say Kell's, mariotta ;)

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When i was younger my mom used to tell me to save my money for a rainy day 'n all that... but this is Oregon and she wonders why i can't save any real money.. it has only recently occurred to me that is a stupid thing to tell your kids. Good thing I never listened to her either way :P

oh well.. i'm going back to praying to the porcelain idol.
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1.20 boys don't cry

theXplodingboys at mt. tabor tonight with railer and kuma

forget that the mercury finds kuma to be megalomaniacal. the mercury doesn't like anyone. the real deal is, there is a great show being put on tonight. if you've seen railer before, you won't recognise the band... all but two members have changed from a year ago. there are new songs being played by both theXplodingboys (upwards of 15 songs) and railer. so, come check it out!

sabala's has really improved the old mt. tabor pub with new lighting and sound. it is run by all the eX-satyricon people, so the drinks are pretty cheap (wells are 3$) as well. bottom line,
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Thomas Dolby

Upcoming Show: The Gentry's CD single release party @ Lola's, Saturday 2/5

For those fine dp'ers who are interested in good, fun live performances this weekend....

The Gentry's CD single release party (for "We Want More") is taking place at Lola's Room (1332 W. Burnside) on Saturday night. The band will be performing, along with special guest The Happy Jack Londons. DJs Gino Mari, Acroyear, ACEFuckFACE, and Geriatrik will be spinning throughout the evening. The doors open at 8:00 P.M. for this 21+ event, and the admission is 5 dollars.

Hope to see many peeps there--I will be spinning sometime during the evening.

-m (DJ Geriatrik)

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Worky Work!

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My company will be hiring very soon. Must be available to work by February 21. (This is when the position will be available).

No screwing around either...it's a really great company to work for (seriously...it is a GREAT job...I look forward to coming to work), but this position will be something that will be long term. Don't think about applying if you're going to be here for maybe six months. They want someone to grow with the company and will make a committment for a couple years. (No contracts or anything...just a promise).

You will not have more fun or respect than at this job. We're pretty small (8 employees total), but if you work hard, the boss will definitely reward you, trust me.

Duties include, answering phones, filing, (perhaps some warehouse work...putting away stock, filling orders if regular guy is out), placing orders, checking on customers, etc. Basic office stuff.

No previous knowledge required! Believe me...if you're looking for a challenge, you'll get it here! Two weeks vacation after 90 days
Company paid medical insurance
(In the summer, we get one day each week to take a half day...it's nice)
There are no time cards or clocks to punch
No "breaks" like "you get 15 min @ 11"...no, nothing like that. You want to walk outside for a min? Go ahead. You want to go in the warehouse and have a smoke? Go ahead.
Listen to the radio while you work (it's pretty cool...heh)
Hours are from 8:00am until 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

And now, the all important reason that you look for - start @ $12.00 an hour

You know what's also cool? Casual dress...you don't have to wear suit and a tie or uniform...or anything. Jeans and a T-shirt are fine. Not too scuzzy, but not uptight either. Oh, and no shorts...boss has a thing about people wearing shorts (except when you're in the warehouse)

Email Resume to:


P.S. Address is 3530 NW. St. Helens Road, Portland, OR 97210 (I trimet every day, so it's do-able, for those that need to know)

Damnhippy info?

Anyone know of a good resource to check out a corporation for environmental/labor stuff? I have an angle on something but I want to see if I'd be entering a deal with the devil. Again.
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Hi. New here.

Hi. I just joined this community. I'm Jen, 23. I live in Oregon City. Just Wanted to say hello. Looking forward to getting to know all of you. :)
Feel free to read my user info. Talk to you all soon.
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I'm moving down to Portland!!!!

Yeah, so I grew up around Portland only further east and on the wrong side of the river. I've moved up north to finish school and now that I'll be done in five weeks I'm going crazy looking for work in the Portland area because my girlfriend has a unique opportunity to attend a school in Portland. Are there any Geotechnical jobs down there or GIS or anything that might be full time and benefits for a science minded nerd.

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Sorry I didn't notice you and your buddies on the pedestrian overpass smoking weed or doing whatever nefarious thing.

What I did see was your bike lying on the ground next to the railroad tracks.

I paused , looked around 360 degrees, and went to pick it up, as I assumed some thief had ditched it there. My thought was, "well I'll ride it home and put up a post on damnportlanders, and hopefully find the owner."

Fuck you guys for shouting obsceneties and calling me a "bike thief". I think bike thieves rank right up there with child rapists, and I don't like being called one.

If I wanted to steal your bike I would have had ample time to just hop on and ride away. There is no way you would have been able to catch me.

finger bang bang

cold medicine

Ok i think im getting a cold and i really don't want to be brought down by it. Recently i have seen some commercials on TV for a medicine that if you take it when you start to get a cold it will reduce the severity and longevity of your cold. Anyone know the name of this medicine or one that will do the same.
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My dad's dream came true tonight, and he got his very own Olde English Bulldogge and ... she has ringworm.

I noticed a few raised spots on her back, and looked closer and as a former highschool wrestling hostess ... I've seen my share of ringworm and sure enough. So, I look up ringworm in animals on Google and it tells me to look at it under a black light. Sure enough, a huge round spot on this poor little things back. So now, I called my vet at home and we can't get her in until the middle of next week. No good.

So, any ideas of vets or clinics or over the counter things I could look into? I really want to get this baby all fixed and cleaned up so she can be super happy in her new house.

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So my best friend is moving back to portland area after 7 years in about a month. Mer husband is going to be overseas for 8 months and he doesn't want her to stay in San Diego by herself with no family around. So anywho, they decided to move up here. Well, I am trying to figure out a good place to take her as a celebration type thingy of her coming back to portland. I was thinking about Dukes. The country bar. Has anyone been there? Is it fun? Or do you have another suggestion? Thanks.
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Hello Bebop


I am now a paying subscriber to LiveJournal. I have new icons. I have a new layout. Now comes the hard part.

I just started LJing about 6 months ago. I've never had a paid account. I need some advice. Please, someone, anyone. What do I do now with all these cool features? I don't want them to go to waste!
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