February 3rd, 2005

a picture calls

Fish of fury.

BTW We got a new fishie tank! The fish are very happy. We are thinking baout taking one more on.

If anyone needs a home for a freshwaters middle aged fish that is compatible with an Angel fish that is not really an angel, a rainbow shark and a chinese algae eater we have a home for it.
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Stealing Ideas...

Because its 4 am and Im bored out of my mind,Im making this post from a stolen idea.
Taken from the brutal_honesty Community which I am not a member of, by the way.
Ok so here is the idea
"I just thought it would be cool, if you guys are brave enough, to post a picture of yourselves in the comment of this thread.
I mean, we interact every day, all day long. Why not show the others what we look like??"
Plus I figure, part of the purpose of this group is to maybe meet in person and hang out right? So maybe we will recognise each other around town!

A good personal injury lawyer?

My knee was injured a couple weeks ago by some guy at a bar, the ligaments are torn, I'm in a lot of pain and it's getting worse. Then I get a letter yesterday from the prosecuting attorney stating they are declining to prosecute. That's so awesome.

Since it's looking like there will need to be some major action taken to repair my knee, I'll definitely need to seek damages from the guy. Any advice?

Spanks kids.
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Hillsboro landmarks needed for photojournalism assignment

Dear Damnportlanders,

You helped me before with my photojournalism assignment and I greatly appreciated each and every single helpful response. Now, I must ask for your help again. I have been tasked with trying to capture the landmarks of Hillsboro as my next assignment. The problem is that while I know of Hillsboro, I don't live there and I don't go there much. The boundaries I am limited to is from TV Hwy to Hwy 26 (South to North) and the West city limits up to 185th (West to East). So can you tell me some landmarks (buildings, sculptures, parks, signs, etc.) and their location in this boundary that I can go and photograph. Thanks in advance.
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Join the Club!

I would like to announce the opening of a new lj community and club called Let's Go Eat! The community is still in it's youth, and there will be much more development to come, but that doesn't mean you can't join and be there from the beginning. So if you like food, making friends, going out to eat, and regular social activities, check out the letsgoeat_pdx community. See you there!


little blue dog

workin at the car wash yeah

Wassup my peeps,

I have a dirty car and a few dollars to clean her up. Any suggestions for carwashes near downtown or near SW / PSU?

I am way lazy, so preferably I'd like a place where all I do is drive up, get out, hand the keys to a man with a clipboard, and go look at overpriced knick-knacks while a team of professionals work their magic.

Thanks all.
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(no subject)

There was a girl who posted about one of her Family members who had lost their lives in the Tsunami that hit about 2 months ago. As I remembered the story, her relative died in the arms of her (boyfriend/husband don’t know which one) significant other. This story has stuck with me for quite a while, and in all honesty was the single reason I found myself giving as much as I did in donations to the relief efforts. Today in my political science class, a few representatives from the Oregonian were in class talking about how web logs don’t truly represent community information. According to one of the speakers, she had posted a thesis about this on LJ and was looking to get our views about the topic. I promptly mentioned that her analysis was flawed, and I mentioned my community Prolportland based off of the idea that if you have any needs, post about it and someone in the community may have the ability to give what you need. And also about how the story of that one death prompted me to give to a relief effort that I had no individual ties to without LJ.

To make a long story short the reporter wanted to get my LJ community but also the story form the girl who lost a loved one. I would never condone someone making a profit off of someone else’s loss, but I do believe that this would be a great opportunity to get out information to people that when life is kicking you in the ass, you have somewhere, and maybe someone to turn to. If the original author of that post could e-mail me I would love to give you the reporters info and how to contact her.
Oct 2010


There is a position available at the company I work for. It is going to be part time until late summer/early fall then it will move to full time. I am not sure what the part time hours will be, but when it moves to full time it will be M-F 7:30-4. The part time hours will be within those hours somewhere...I honestly don't think that has been decided yet. I imagine that you would be eligible for benefits once you go full time.

Here is the ad from craigslist.

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(no subject)

dear darlings,

I'm looking for a good sit down sushi restaurant in downtown portland. My favorite is yoko's but that is a bit out of the way for me for this weekend. Any suggestions? I'm a vegetarian but the boy I am going with isn't, my favoritefavorite in all the world is tamago. And a few other veggie friendly dishes / rolls would be nice. Preferably something where we can sit down and be waited on, the usual. Fish tanks are even more fun. Price can be expensive. We just want fresh and good. ;)

Thankyou :)
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First Thursday Comics Show

For those of you who have any interest in First Thursday gallery showings as well as local comics, Pushdot Studio is putting on a comic show this month. Tonight's reception runs from 6pm to 9pm, and they're located on NW 14th between Johnson and Kearney. Here's the concept:

Tell-tale Particles

We like our stories to have beginnings, middles, and ends--usually in that order. Out here in the real world all we ever get is middle. We come in long after it all got started and do our best to catch up, because we know we’ll have to move on before it all wraps up. This is why a glimpse of a story – a peek, a slice, an overheard snatch – is at once so fascinating, so frustrating, mystifying and haunting, and never less than utterly compelling. It is why even the most neat and complete tale leaves us wondering: Where did it come from? What might happen next?

Most of the comics are from locals, though not all. Notably, some people from out-of-state like Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics fame will have work hanging as well.

Hope to see ya there.
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research project

So, I'm working on this research project, and I was looking for alittle help from my lj friends. Can anyone tell me who really killed President Kennedy?
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rock the casbbaahh

hey! I live in WA right now but am moving down to Portland March 1st. I roadtrip down enough I figured I should just move there. I've been doing mass amounts of job and apartment hunting but any little bit helps. I figured if anyone wanted to suggest
A) good cheap 2 bdr apartments in Portland or surrounding
B) jobs that are body modified friendly. I have two facial piercings I can't take out.
C) great tattoo shops.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Have a good one Portlanders!!
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(no subject)

I'm going to the Huevos Diablos Masquerade tomorrow night. Anyone know where I could get a cheap costume? Like a mask, cape and top hat? Maybe a cane? Or any cheap, easily modifiable accoutrements that I can add to normal dress clothes? Thanks in advance. :)

[For those interested, its a benefit for the Portland Arts Center. 8PM to 4:30AM, meet at Voodoo Donuts. "Sliding scale" admission 10 to 20 bucks. See link above for details.]

Six more weeks of winter

I know that I am late on this, but do you believe there will be six more weeks of winter? Remember when we were companining about shivering in our houses because we could not afford to turn on the heat? Now, my apartment gets nice and toasty and comfortable from all the sun it collects in the daytime.

Plus, I have seen sweet, silly dear little bulb flowers peeking through. And buds of sweet cherry that look a little too fat.