January 31st, 2005

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Hello all,

My boyfriend and I are new to town and were wondering if there were any people around, particularly accessible from NE, that are interested in playing RPGs like plain ol' D&D, Ravenloft, Planescapes, White Wolf or Feng Shui. We could participate in existing games or run games. Our RPGs generally consist of dark humor and odd circumstances.

We also enjoy a good game of Magic, now and then. And the gent is just getting back into the old version of Star Wars CCG (if you want to play or sell cards...).

Then there's the Warhammer 40k...

If anyone's interested in participating in any of the many forms of geekery, feel free to contact. You can comment or email colleen.hennessey @ gmail.com

Thanks in advance!

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dirty girl

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My friend and I were talking about taking some dance classes. We were thinking of something along the lines of hip hop or modern. I was wondering if any of you know of any good and relatively cheap places around Portland that offer lessons.
And if they have a website could you give me that too.

Thanks alot in advance.
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Butt Trumpet - Primitive Enema

Swiped from my little Brother...

Just thought I'd let ya all know. And for those who might not still have the album and are wanting to reminisce, Thom Bone has placed the entire Primitive Enema album for download from his site, in happy 192 kbps mp3 format. Happy day!!!!


for anyone who used to dig on the bianca butthole music, this is a must have classic..
glad to see people throwing out their music for free.


its not for everyone though.. theres your warning..

FYI: track 15 is the most romantic song in the world... it makes me want to cry to this day..

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Relatives from out-of-state will be visiting me in P-Land next month.

Please recommend an inexpensive, casual restaurant I can take them to that is distinctly Portland. (Other than THE MONTAGE, I am drawing a huge blank right now.)

Your whole family is made out of meat -

Heads up

If you're planning to take 26 east into Portland you might consider a different route if at all possible, there's an accident about a mile before the tunnel that's got the freeway backed up at almost a complete stop for 2 or 3 miles.

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I'm taking general chemistry at PSU.

I need a tutor REALLY bad.

I am willing to pay a reasonable rate (I'm not some kid whose parents are paying my tuition).

Any suggestions?

Crazy (hypocritical) street preacher

I've stopped accepting comments on this 'cause they're all just a re-hash of things other people have said. Thanks everyone for suggestions.

So, I'm not sure what the deal is with that guy who's constantly chanting in the park blocks up at PSU. I think his name's Cedric, but I'm really not sure. Yes, I've found him slightly annoying, as I'm sure many people do. I also felt sad for him (and a little concerned) when I heard he had been verbally assaulted by what he claims were representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You all may know them as Mormons. There was an article done about it in the Vanguard (the link is here) in which Cedric claimed he would find another place to preach/panhandle.

It didn't help my opinion of the man any, though, to walk out of class the other day to hear him preaching against the LDS church. Admittedly, it was during a class period and not many people were outside, but I still found it highly irritating that he would complain about the Mormons preaching against him, then go out and do it himself.

I'm Mormon myself. I understand that there are good people and bad people in every religion. Do I think it's right that someone called him a false prophet and charlatan? No. Do I think his retaliation was fair? No.

People are irritated with this guy, and after recent events, I'm pretty sick of him too. Is there anyway to get him removed from campus? Is he even allowed to be there?

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fuck it


Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist that accepts insurance as payment in the downtown area?? I recently went to the doctor for what I think might be a case of eczema I've developed on my arms, but they can't figure out what it is and the medicine they gave me didnt work. I thought maybe a Dermatologist may be better able to diagnose.

Thanks in advance!

Hey need a friend

Ok, so i need a friend. Rather somethign that may lead to more, I've tried abotu everything, so i thought I would try here. I'm into having fun, hanging out and talking. I need to do something this weekend and I'd like to have a date. Any takers?
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I hate my stupid car alarm!!! It all started a few months ago when I went and got my starter replaced. When I got my car back the alarm was fucked up. It would go off at random times, even when I was driving! The problem stopped for bit though. But this last weekend when I got some new brakes it started happening again! WTF?! I hate it! People think I am stealing a car when I am driving and the alarm is going off at the same time. I can turn it off if I press the button, but it will just go off again with the slightest rattle of the car.

Any suggestions on where I should go to get it fixed? I originally got the car alarm in Eugene, OR. It's an Alpine Car Alarm. Another thing too, everytime I pop the drunk the alarm goes off. And I noticed when I was driving the drunk light would go on and off, which may be driggering it. But I know for a fact the drunk is completely closed. Help please!

Anyone remember Boys Next Door from Dublin Pub?

So I'm watching "Medium" tonight, and within the first five minutes I see a familiar face. It's Robert, the lead singer of Boys Next Door. I used to go see them every weekend... what like 10 years ago...? Give or take a few anyway. Crazy! He looked good though, glad to hear that he beat cancer and is still acting. Still wierded out that I knew the guy in the coffin. ;)

Anyone else remember Boys Next Door?