January 30th, 2005

Mad Hatter
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I'm shocked

For such a socially aware community, no one had posted ANYTHING regarding the Iraqi Elections today, which actually started Friday.

I guess no one really cares
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the longest road

My mother is dying this weekend. Slowly and without grace. Not what she would have wanted, yet she is still the one fighting it. She is a person to remember, a soul, alive, and full of spirit and creativity. With foibles and weak spots to be forgiven,too. The world will not be such a complete place without her, but I have her writings. This much of herself she is leaving for us to be reminded of the spirit that once was. She was not religious, so a prayer is not really in order, just note if you will, that Maryan lived, contributed, and left the world a better place for having been here. Thanks for sharing my grief.
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HBIC, river song


Hi, for any of you DPers who are interesting in seeing the Vagina Monologues, there is a production going at Clark College (Not Lewis & Clark) in Vancouver, WA (which isn't too far from Portland) this weekend! (Not this one just ending...the one coming up)

It's a great production and the price of admission is for a great cause (YWCA SafeChoice Shelters). If you don't know what the Vagina Monologues is about, it's a collection of monologues based off interviews that Eve Esner did with thousands of women around the world on subjects ranging from sexuality to domestic violence to rape. It's not all sad, but not a big comedy either.

_princess_bob_ and I are both in the production, but this isn't just shameless promotion. Tickets are $15 and being sold at the Clark College Bookstore (hours are MT 7-6, WThF 7-5:30).

Times of show are Friday 7:30,  Saturday 7:30 and Sunday at 1:30.

It's worth the money and your time, ask alex_all_alone. And, if you do go, say 'hi' to us! I'm doing "The Vagina Workshop" and Princess Bob is doing the one about...well.. Bob.

hope some of you can make it!
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NW Veterinarian

Does anyone here know if the NW Veterinary Clinic (next to the Dove Lewis Emergency Vet Hospital on 20th) will allow you to pay for veterinary help through a payment plan as opposed to all at once? They're closed on Sundays, and I'm curious in the meantime.

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bar jacking..

last night 150-200 people all met at a bar on the east side.
chose a new bar to go to, travelled to the bar and waited outside till everyone was there.

everyone enters the bar at the same time and rushes for drinks. while we are ordering drinks, someone opens the back door and lets in a bunch of guys with dj equipment. the bartenders of course are too busy to notice what is going on. music setup takes about 5 minutes, and by the time i have my pitcher of beer, scratching ensues, loud enough of course, to drown out the bar stereo..

the best part?.. the barkeeps couldnt do a thing about it.. what are they going to do? force the music off and cause everyone to leave? i bet they made a week of cash there last night...

now i am hung over and have a huge smile on my face...
if people are interested, i will keep you advised the next time i hear of this happening.
all in the same boat


What a day? This is one thing I love about Portland an awesome day in the middle of winter. I"m heading down to Starbucks NW 23rd and Flanders to sit out front with a mocha and watch the people parade by. It's an awesome people watching spot. I use to live over on Belmont then I'd people watch at the Bagdad. But I'm living NW now so I'm always looking for good people watching spots. If anyone has some good ones let me know. I'd much rather watch real life go by instead of reality TV. I like to talk and meet new people and friends and sitting here on the computer or watching TV drives me crazy for some human contact! Hope to see you all around soon. DZ
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(no subject)

i have a friend whose birthday is coming up next weekend, and we want to do something for him that's kindof unique.. where is a cool restaurant we could take him [under 21 & italian, american, mexican type]?? maybe somewhere they do live singing or a cabaret type thing? i need some suggestions! thanks in advance.
tiny dancer

Calling all Tattooed Bellydancers!!!

Hey Portlanders...

I'm writing an article about tattooed bellydancers, and I know there's a bunch of them in Portland besides me. Hopefully some of them are members of this community...


If you are a bellydancer with tattoos and you wouldn't mind answering a few questions about your ink and your dancing, please leave a comment and I'll send you my list of thought provoking questions. Answer some of them or all of them, or ignore them completely and tell me whatever else you want to say about your tattoos and your dancing.

If you know a bellydancer with tattoos and I'd really appreciate it if you'd direct her or him to this entry.

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(no subject)

OK, I'm updating my furniture shopping info request post.

So, I'm not interested in Ikea (cheap flimsy trendy stuff), Target (cheap suburban/white trash stuff) or Goodwill (good suggestion but I want some new stuff for a change). Not that I don't appreciate people responding to my post :) Dania was a good suggestion. Cost Plus was good too but I'm not sure they have the right type of furniture.

I need:
matching couch, chair, coffee table, end table (you know, a living room set)
matching kitchen table (seating six, expands to eight) and chairs

So... any new suggestions? For, like, real furniture stores.

Thanks! ;)