January 28th, 2005

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Seaside, Cannon, etc.

I'm trying to find a beach house to rent online without getting raked over the coals. I scoured google already but came up with very little.
Anyone have any tips where I should start?

Thanks a bundle!
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So, I moved to Portland about a month ago, and I'm looking to find a few good people to hang out with and/or some interesting places to go. I'm a lovely young lass from the east coast, and I enjoy coffee, comic books, and conversation. Anyone game to hang out? Feel free to email me at colleen.hennessey @ gmail.com
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So a computer that has some sort of "hot keys" enabled...how would you get rid of that? Ad-aware and Spybot have been run incessantly, with nothing found.

ex - in a program, you hit the letter "m" and the window will minimize. "e" and it will exit the program. However...the hot keys don't always act up...restart two or three times and it works fine.


"American Nazi Party" adopts Oregon highway

'Two green Adopt-A-Highway signs reading "American Nazi Party" have popped up on a rural road a few miles from downtown [Salem], and it's got people upset with the county for agreeing to put up the signs and worried about their neighborhood... County officials said they know people are upset. But free-speech guarantees in the Constitution prevented them from turning down the person.'

Full article at OregonLive.

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As an update to The Faces of Meth, there is this really great website where you can look up by neighborhood all of the inmates who have been released (early) from Multnomah county jails, 1997-NOW.


Not only can you see their mugshots, but you can also see their last known address, and what they were charged for. It's really interesting to say the least.

I'm blaming the rats.

Between 1am and 7am this morning, my apartment was robbed. None of my stuff was stolen but my roommate lost his cigars, laptop, computer, monitor, external harddrive, tv, digital camera, and a blanket. Weird thing is, my iPod was on the coffee table and was completely ignored. My iPod is much cooler than a Dell laptop. We already filed a police report and fortunately Matt has renter's insurance but it still sucks. We slept through the whole thing. I haven't even been in Portland a month. I miss home :(
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Hair cuts

Can anyone recommend a good, yet relatively cheap, place to get my hair cut? And somewhere in the Portland/Beaverton area.

Right now my hair is Really long. About midway down my back, but I'm toying with the idea of cutting it shorter and I'd really like something funky and fun. Thanks!
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"School budget forecast gloomy"

I am so sick of seeing this headline in the Oregonian. More importantly, I'm so sick of it being true. Looks like I'll be moving out of state this fall and I'm very mad about it. I just graduated with an M.Ed and am a very good teacher, but I'm going bankrupt waiting for the school districts to have enough money to hire a few more teachers. The Governor said that the state will have enough money for schools by 2009. 2009! The students now can't wait that long and neither can I. My husband and I have decided that if I don't get a contract by this fall, we'll sell the house and pick another state. Don't know which one yet, but they're all better off financially than Oregon. I'm so sad though, I love it here. I'll miss Portland.

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Anyone want to go see La Mala Educacion tonight? I so desperately want to go see the movie, but the boyfriend is off somewhere with his parents (they're lost somewhere between Canon Beach and McMinneville). All my other friends are either desperately attached to their significant others or have babies they need to take care of. I thought about just going myself, but I've never done that before... I don't think I'm confident enough. O'well. I may have to spend another crappy Friday watching TV.

a reminder

Tangoing With Tornadoes

Renee Mitchell- plawright and actress
w/ Olivia Admire & Turiya Autry

8 p.m.- Fridays & Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sunday; Jan. 28-Feb. 5, 2005

Venue: Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
5340 N. Interstate Ave, www.ifcc-arts.org. IFCC is a 110-seat community theater for the performing and visual arts.

$15 general (W/ group discount get 10 tix for $120)
$10 seniors/students ($8, groups of 10 or more)
sliding scale on Sunday (fundraiser performance)

Contact/Tickets: Craig Fondren 503-890-7032
also they can be purchased from-
Reflections Bookstore on NE Killingsworth (visit the new location!)
Black Studies Dept @ Portland State University (3rd floor of Neuberger Hall)
Sabin Community Development Center on NE 15th and Alberta

About the play: This gorgeously written choreopoem uses poetry, live music and dance to untangle the secret web of how emotional and verbal abuse affects women. Its script explodes with emotions that are both painful and beautiful. And it leaves audiences feeling empowered and decidedly hopeful.

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& Daggers!
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I'm currently looking to buy a used car, something presentable and under $5k. Anyone know of any good/trustworthy used dealerships in NE?

Now that the clinic I work at opened up on Burnside, I eat at Sushi Takehashi every damn day. Cheap, but still. Tuna rolls, I love you.

Anthropologie, Is It For Me?

Hey Smart Kids. To my chagrin, I just found out that I'm completely and awfully susceptible to Anthropologie, the clothing/housewares store right by Powells. Their attention to detail has left my usually aesthetically elitest self gasping for mercy beneath their elbow length velveteen gloves of retail.

I am aware they're a division of Urban Outfitters, and that the owner's a staunch Republican supporter.

But what I Want To Know Is....
Are little kids in sweatshops making that skirt with the lining and inner ruffle that I love so much? I understand shelling out a bit more for quality workmanship and respectibility, i.e. American Apparel. While I don't expect Anthropologie to meet that high of standards, I'd like to know that someone's getting close to decent wages for their hard work.

Are there any website that talk about this? Or do you have that information tucked away somewhere? Lemme know if I need to start saving up for the pretty pretty clothing I tried on tonight, or if I should go back to haunting the aisles at Value Village.
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