January 27th, 2005

Dark Knight

Someone HAS to know...

I want to learn to blow glass. It is my fondest artsy-fartsy wish, actually.

However, the closest school I can find is in Eugene.

I would like to know if anyone on here knows of any place that offers even weekend classes on hot glass/glassblowing. I live in the PDX area, can travel around the metro area to a certain extent, but Eugene is just plain too far.

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance,
patsy stone thanxgiving


considering that i have been a victim of identity theft, i am wondering if there are other undiscovered parties out there utilizing my information without me knowing.
reading the following article first thing in the morning is not exactly a conforting thing for me nor for anybody.
Worst thing is, the government [who you think would be siding with you] is actually supporting these activities.

The Secret List of ID Theft Victims.

....i just thought i'd share


yes, i know this has been asked before. preferably on the west side, and conversant in suv's. i know exactly what is wrong (already paid for the damn diagnosis), but i'm not paying chevy $350 to do it.


edit: my infinitely resourceful and fantastic daughter suggested a bottle fuel injector cleaner. i had a bottle of all-around gas treatment at home, so i stuck that in my tank this morning. after 20 minutes of driving, the light went off. yay!! i will keep the recommendations for future reference, though
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the sun


i remembered what i wanted to rant about (other than my motherfucking truck).

last night, there was nothing on tv, so i was flipping channels. "moulin rouge" was on. i have never seen it.


really, what were these people thinking????

i watched 3.5 minutes of this movie (where nicole is on the rooftop balcony 'singing' with that guy), and i could write 5 pages about how this movie is the absolute suck!!!!

i am so glad that i never rented it (i would never have gone to the movies to see it, i do that very very rarely), because i would have brought that piece of dreck back to hollywood video and demanded a refund and some free candy, for my pain and suffering.

i sat through zoolander, for crying out loud, and moulin rouge makes that movie look like a fine cinematic masterpiece.

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(no subject)

So now that I have a better handle on the boob question (and thanks for the help and amusing comments on that) but now I have yet another.

Where (either in Portland) or online, can I find a vintage pin stripe suit? I'm thinking something like 1940s gangster. It would be a men's suit, but my boyfriend is pretty skinny. He wears a size 31 x 34 pant and he usually wears a med to lg. jacket. I don't like shopping, so anything I can get done online is better.


Hairless Rats

Hey does anyone know where I could find someone who breeds hairless rats in the Portland area? I have tryed pet stores and havent had any luck. Thanks :)
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Looking for local businesses

An unusual request I am sure, but I will ask anyway. I am looking for a business that would want to give an item or gift certificate for us to give away in a raffle at our upcoming shows. This show will run for 200 people over 4 nights. This is a chance to reach those folks as we would do a live ad for you during the giveaway. I will also add you onto our website, which, sine April 04 has received over 100,000 visitors (85% are local around Portland). Other sites have had a significant increase in traffic after we posted links to them. If you do not have a website we can place your business info there as well. Restaurants or cafes would be great, but anything is appreciated. You can e-mail me or call Brian at 503-350-3963.

Brian Linss
The Tragedies

(no subject)

ATTN: Ladies!

Do you want to date a super nice guy? One with a sex drive that's through the roof but has the decency to be polite about it? Do you want to sit around playing Magic: The Gathering and spend your evenings playing video games and drinking soda and kool-aid for the rest of your life? Marry a Geek!

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I <3 mine.
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Pardon me, my age is showing

Dear Damnportlanders,

Thank you for all the input regarding my recent misguided post on feminism. After reading your comments, I now believe i have a different view on the issue because of my age, experiences, background,etc. In other words, I'm out of touch with contemporary attitudes, but I now have a more modern perspective, I think.

Future posts will only deal with things I know about, like dogs and cats. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats, so i really do know something about them.

Oh, and by the way, I am NOT a humorless old Hag, I'm a humorless old man.