January 26th, 2005



I posted this in salemoregon - but didnt get too many responses.

As a school assignment my mom is supposed to do some very breif interviews with people regarding Chemawa Indian School to see what people know about it. she's taking a class basically centering around the school and related stuff (at Chemeketa community college in Salem, though we live here). She doesn't really know anyone who knows a thing about it around here so I told her I'd get a few people to give some thoughts.

So anything helps - she just has to journal the responses.

What do you know about Chemawa Indian School? what have you heard?

Do you know where Opal Creek is? What do you know about it?

(That's about it. Thanks ahead of time.)

Dentist Suggestions

I am searching for a dentist but I really don't want to randomly pick one out of the superpages list. So i was wondering if anyone could recommend a dentist that they like. I live in SE Portland but I willing to drive anywhere. I think I may have a cavity or two so I need to go soon. Any help would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

Would anyone know where I could purchase a Coke fridge that looks like this used? Cheap?

I'm not aware of any local business redists or anything, so I could use some input.

Thanks. I'd like to know if I can get one without calling Coke.

PS: Yes. I'm looking at Craigslist and EBay already. So...

Rebel Without a Cost

So rather than bike from apartment complex to apartment complex or send emails to all the folks on Rent.com who didn't say what utilities were paid, I'd figure I could ask the DamnPortlanders; what are you paying per month for your one bedroom apartments, what utilities are paid, and what complex (if you're willing to provide) is it? Also, since the only apartments I've lived in pay for water, how much do you pay per month, on average, for water?

Thanks for the info.
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(no subject)

where can i find:

1.) a variety of fresh-baked bread with organic and/or whole-grain ingredients
2.) a selection of organic herbs for making your own tea blends


preferably in/around the Northeast.

(no subject)

I think my work has told me to do something that's illegal and state DOJ is prohibited from answering a simple fucking question. *deep breath*

Anyhoo, I need to know where I can get some quick legal advice. Something simple like "yes, that's okay" or "NO! DON'T DO THAT!".

Anyone know any lawyers who are willing to answer a single question for free?
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Room for Rent

Hi all :)

I have a room in my two bedroom town house that should be opening up soon. The room will be available on the first of march. It's in SE, Sort of near Powell and 136th. (I can elaborate more if there is any interest. ;))

Anyway, The upstairs is two bedrooms with a jack and jill style bathroom. Downstairs is a Kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and small patio. I expect it to be a home, but if you want to be a hermit and stay in your room all by yourself, that's okay too. :)

I am an easy going, fun, busy 24 year old professional, you can be whatever, as long as you 1) are not psycho 2) are clean and 3) will pay your rent on time.

Rent is 400$ a month, including all utilities, including comcast cable and highspeed wireless internet.

If you're at all interested, let me know, we can chat more and see if it's a good fit.

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Lewis Black @ The Crystal

Hey there. Did anyone here see comedian Lewis Black at the Crystal Ballroom this last week? It's the second time I've missed him when he's been in Portland. If you were there, how was it? After seeing his specials and his appearances on "The Daily Show", I figure there isn't much new material he can come up with that hasn't been heard before.
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a rather perplexing question.

OK, so here is an odd question. Can anyone explain bra sizes to me? Like I know there is a AA, but my boyfriend doesn't believe me. And what's the difference between a DD and an E. I know how they calculate bra sizes (the difference between the measurement of the boobs, around the nipples and around the underneath of the boobs) But why isn't a DD an E, and where does AA come in? Anybody work at Victoria's Secret or ever study this or something. For the love of God, it can't be that complicated. I'm a girl and I wear a bra and I still don't know...
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Sick sick SICK...

Garrrgh, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I've been coughing and hacking for a month straight. I thought it'd go away but instead it has gotten worse! Does anyone know a doctor or someone of a medical profession downtown who would take a look at me without costing an arm and a leg? I'm already paying up the wazoo on dental care. I just need to know from an expert if this is normal or if I'm dying of lung cancer or something. X(
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