January 25th, 2005


Japanese classes

I miss studying Japanese a lot...I'd like to get back to classes (it's been 3 + years now). so I need a good beginners class to refresh my memory. PCC and PSU both have classes...but they're credit classes. if necessary I can go through the steps for credit classes, but it would be much more to my liking to not have to. does anyone know of any other places giving Japanese classes?

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I know I've asked this before, and very recently: Temp agencies. I'd previously asked about Portland locations, and now I need places out [south] west. Tigard (Barbur Blvd, WA Square, King City, Scholls). Bus accessible.

Phone numbers. Addresses. Websites.

Thank you.
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FIRED, for blogging!

Along the same lines as bfaber's previous post in here about people getting fired because they smoke, I present an article about people getting fired because they blog!


This has everything to do with damnportlanders, since about 15% of us have jobs, but 100% of us blog. BEWARE!
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Comedy show this weekend and next!

Hello All!

The Tragedies will be performing their latest late night comey show, Craptacular Craptacular @ The Back Door Theatre.
Tickets are 8 bucks and can be reserved by calling 503-984-4549.

Shows are at 10:30pm Jan 28, 29 & Feb. 4, 5

check out our website at http://www.TheTragedies.com

Back Door Theatre @ 4319 SE Hawthorne - behind common Grounds coffee shoppe.

PLEASE come and support local talent!

I'm teething.

Fortunately, I should have dental insurance next month.

Can anyone reccommend a good oral surgeon?

In the interim, does anyone have suggestions for coping with wisdom tooth pain? Besides ungodly doses of ibuprophen?

peas and spank you.
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so there's a car alarm going off behind my apartment and it's driving me insane (along with everyone else in my building i'm sure) it's been going off ever since i got home (45 minutes ago) and who knows how long before that. i tried calling my building manager cause there's something in our lease about car alarms that last longer than a few minutes, but couldn't get ahold of her. any suggestions on what to do short of blowing my brains out going insane?

Oh, sweet silence, I've missed you so.

neverfuckingmind. the awesome police man came and turned the alarm off, but hey! guess what! it's back on! so, uhh...anyone got some big rocks and some spray paint i can borrow?
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The Future of Feminism?

Last Friday I taught a creative writing class at a local high school. I gave them a fairly extensive vocab test of eighty words and had them match the word to its definition. It was a class of 12th graders, so I wasn’t surprised that most of them did well on the test.

What did surprise me was the lack of reaction by the female students to one of the definitions. The word was: bevy. The definition was: A group of girls or young women; a flock of birds.

I said, “A group of girls or young women. This test must have come out of a hundred-year-old text book.”

No reaction from anyone.

I said, “A group of young girls or women?”

Still no reaction.

Finally, after waiting a beat for some kind of outraged reaction from the girls in the class and getting none, I said, “A bevy is a flock of birds, period.”

I thought back to my undergrad days at WSU and imagined the storm of protest such a definition would have evoked from the women in class and wondered why none of the girls in this high school class found anything demeaning or offensive in being compared to twitting, fragile, flighty creatures such as birds.

Has the conservative Christian tide in this country brain-washed young women into thinking there is nothing demeaning about being compared to animals? Did the feminist movement reached its zenith with Generation X and is now in a death spiral? Will this generation of females aspire to be the new June Cleavers and Donna Reeds?

This is all very troubling and demoralizing to an old child of the sixties like myself.
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Next Tuesday (feb 1st)

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to send you a quick reminder that you have exactly 7 days to tell all your friends to come out and see The Vacant play next Tuesday night at The Tonic Lounge in Portland, Oregon.

We will have some goodies for everyone who comes up and talks to us! (stickers, live cds, smiles, etc..)

So spread the word and we look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday night.

For more info, visit http://www.thevacant.com/


The Vacant

The Vacant

Click here to listen to a show from October. (streaming)

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Searching and backing up

Does anyone know how to:

1. Search for a word or phrase within my journal (all entries, all dates)? The provided search button doesn't seem to do this at all.
2. Back up my entire journal (all entries, all dates) to my hard disk?

I haven't found any answers in the FAQ. Just checking to see if anyone here already knows how to do this.

(Sorry for this interrupseeon to your internetts pleasure seekage. How this post relates to Portland: insert something here about dem damn hippies blah blah.)

Need help ASAP

Does anyone know where I could get a fox or wolf mask (good quality) by saterday? My coven needs is for our Imbolc ritual, and our regular theater fixer hasn't been able to accquire said mask.

Thanks in advance.
portland tatoo


help in NW Portland

So, I have been here (NW 22rd and Flanders) for about ten days and realize that I need sugestions on the following:

1) Car Wash - prefer to do it myself/coin operated
2) Bulk Laundry Service- have it in my building, but don't like folding and/or ruining my clothes
3) Oil Change
4) Hair Cut - I really don't like paying over $12 since I get my hair cut (before coming here) about every ten days, but I also don't want to get butchered, so I don't know what the rates are for a decent job
5)Liquor Store - where are they?

I am sure there are many other things, and if anyone is very knowledgable of the are and can help, please respond...

diwali oct08

Great West Medical?

I know there's been a ton of posts lately about insurance and doctors and such but I'm really trying to do my research so I don't end up having to switch providers yet again, so...my turn!

I recently got on Great West (POS) medical and have NO recommendations or leads except for an obgyn. I HATE having to pick people randomly out of a directory but it's the plan I've got for the moment. Anyone have recommendations of Great West providers? I'm looking for a GP, endocrinologist and eye doc to start. Thanks in advance!
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