January 22nd, 2005

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Skyline Burial Plots/Plus, a complimentary free gift!

I received a survey from the "Skyline Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home" today, which claimed to be a community wide mailing. Among this extraordinarily tacky brochure were such questions as

How old are you? Are you employed?

Are you aware that you can arrange and pay for a funeral in advance of need?

Which of the following would you choose for yourself? a)burial b)cremation c)mausoleum entombment

I just want to make sure I wasn't the only recipient of this.

Cause I know there are some legal eagles here...

OK, let's say someone was injured by another person. Like they were knocked down and tore a bunch of tendons in their knee. And this person can't walk. And it happened at a bar. The assailant was cited for assault. What would be your advice? If it's pretty apparent there is some major knee damage? Would the injured party be able to sue for damages?

Any advice you DPer's?
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Is Portland Unfriendly?

So, here's the deal, my mother-in-law's housekeeper came up to see her a few days ago to tell her she was quitting, she had to move on, going home, to Tacoma. Among the list of reasons was that Portland was such an unfriendly town. No one responds when you greet them on the street, everyone scowls.

Now, maybe I'm wrong, perhaps it's my former love for Portland that still keeps me wearing rose coloured glasses. I'm a curmudgeon, a grouch. I do scowl, often and when I'm in a bad mood, which I am often, I don't respond to random greetings.

But what I have seen on those occasions I'm not in a bad mood, is that people here in Portland are generally friendly, when they're greeted on the street they respond with a smile and a, 'How do you do...'

Am I wrong?
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Mad Hatter
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How to beat a speeding ticket?

Hey, I don't drive because I don't have a car, but I have a friend who got a photo radar ticket [ here in Portland ] and wants to know if you folks have any great ideas about how to beat it.

I'm usually a fountain of good advice, but in this situation I have no experience.

Can you help? My friend can read your responses.

Thanks much!

Thank you for your replies, but my friend will not be revisiting this topic so please no more responses.
  • autmd


if you are in the portland OREGON or surrounding areas, we need zombie extras to participate in an indie film being shot here.

please EMAIL extras@fleshofmyflesh.com if you want to participate, we have costumers, costumes, hair and makeup people available and even openings for misc crew. there is always something to help out with or be done, so in any event, you will be of use to us! we are shooting a ZOMBIE WAR in an abandoned MENTAL HOSPITAL in wilsonville, so email to get details, we will be shooting all day into the late night.

there is also games, movies, food and fun people to occupy you in between shooting and while getting zombied up!

if you bring clothes, make sure you bring ones you don't mind getting gored up and cut up and gore goo on.

hope you can make it!


Nothin' to do with nothin'


No Job, No Unemployment (ugh)

After working for almost six months, the spouse isn't eligible for unemployment and I'm not working yet.


Can we apply for temporary food stamps? What about any other services?

Any information you give will be appreciated!
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noidea--by me

(no subject)

I'm looking for a place in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area where I can write a check for a money order. And they need to be open on Sunday.

I know I've done it before, like in the past few months. But I can't for the life of me remember *where*.