January 21st, 2005


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I'd just like to thank the protesters for making my commute home take thismuch longer. Really, I mean it. Thanks, your efforts are going to mean so much and get so far in removing Dubya from power.

Next time, show a little consideration for your fellow working woman (or man, whichever the case may be) and protest anywhere else but Burnside, yes? Really, I support your cause, just not the efforts you're making. Those efforts make my commute an even bigger pain in the butt than it needs to be. I don't want the guy in office any more than you do, but I'm dealing with it nonetheless - in a passive manner that doesn't end up abstractly harassing and inconveniencing those who would otherwise support you.

Get a clue: years upon years of protesting have, to my knowledge, rarely done more than irritate and agitate your fellow human being. Take the time to do something constructive, mayhap a petition, or somesuch, just not something so careless and whiny as protesting on the streets my tax dollars helped pave for my drive home. Or next time I'll just run you over, damn it.

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Happy happy

Several of us are knocking off work early and going for a drink. We want lots of bang for our buck. Who has the cheapest happy hour drinks downtown? We're @ 6th & Washington and don't want to have to hike far (we're all wearing ridiculous shoes today).
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Okay, so I'm looking to buy a car. Unfortunately, however, it means paying cash, and less than a thousand dollars (the cheaper, the better). But I also need something reliable and relatively safe. :p I've been looking on craigslist, and Oregonlive, and so far I do find cars well within my price range but selling incredibly fast. Any other places I should be looking?
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So my new job uses Spectera for our vision coverage plan. Does anyone else use that or have used it in the past? I want to find a good eye doctor and someone to perform Lasik eye surgery on me because the plan gives me a discount on it FINALLY! Have any of you ever had that done either? Lemme know, any info is appreciated! Peas and spank u in advance. :)

veganopolis pre-opening party - tonight!

tonight we're having a pre-opening party at veganopolis, the new vegan restaurant in downtown portland. it'll be happening from 6pm-9pm tonight (friday) at 412 SW 4th avenue, between stark and alder. it will also serve as an art opening for painter jesse hayward. special food and beverages will be available. come join us, and if you can't make it, we're opening for real on monday morning. you can visit http://veganopolis.com/ for downloadable PDF menus and more information.
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Okay. I've never done this before and both state websites are profoundly unhelpful. So hopefully one of you knows.

I live in Vancouver, but I work in Portland. I know I have to file an Oregon tax return and pay income tax, but do I have to file a Washington tax return too? Thanks a lot.

Kitty update

Thank you so much to everyone who responded and offerd kind words. I really thank that special person who out of no where came to our need like a saint.

I was very angry that none of the emergency clinics would take us but I knew that vets get taken advantage of as well.....I got more help and I am so happy this evening.

The Banfield out in Tigard (in Petsmart) helped both of us out. The vet told me that I did the right thing when I dipped him in cool water to clean him and then the burn cream was the best I could do.

She gave me some anti-biotics and some pain killers for the next 3-5 days. She also started an IV, injected pain medicine, did the oral antibiotics and also gave us a dose of Frontline since we have been battling the fleas since December.

They don't start bills but are about to get a program running. I didn't qualify but they took us anyway. She wants us to come back on Tuesday and said if I can pay $20 they will call it a deal.

I definately had some good Karma built up. Ringo is doing better and started to purr lightly when we got home. He thanks all of you.

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