January 20th, 2005


Help me out, Portland professionals/fashionistas!

I have a job interview, and I want to wear some slacks, a nice shirt and a tie to it. Sadly, I don't seem to have any slacks that will work with the shirt I want to wear.

So here's the question: can I wear the pants only from one of my suits, as slacks? I don't want people to point and me laughing and go "Look at that moron with suit pants for slacks! What a loser! Next applicant please!"

I'm guessing it will be OK, but I want some opinions.
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Temporary Portlander

I'm going to be in Portland for 3 weeks on business, and am looking for ideas of stuff to do.

I test airport screeners, so I'll be working 8-5 at the airport, and staying at the Airport Sheraton. So I'll have some evenings and 2 weekends free. Though it's a business trip, I'm kind of short on cash this time around, so cheep is good.

I'm a 38-year-old single female ren-faire musician. A book-loving (a full day at Powells is already on my list), museum-haunting pagan scifi fan and costumer from Chicago, who has never been to Portland. I'm more about a pub and good craic than a snooty martini bar, though I do love Asian and seafood. I may have a car for one weekend day, but will generally have to depend on tri-met to get places.

So, who wants to help me make a list?

UPDATE - ok, and any laundromats near the light rail in the airport-ish direction? %(%^#()%& Snooty hotel doesn't have guest laundry....
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ska scene :[

the portland ska scene, once strong, has died. which really sucks becuase now no one dances at any shows. who's up for making a million ska bands and having people dancing their asses off? hey, portland will be skinnier too. I'm just sick of tired of going to shows I expect to be intense, and looking around at a whole bunch of kids with tight flares and blazers bobbing their heads up and down. >:[
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wisdom teeth

My last wisdom tooth appeared out of nowhere
last week. It has been giving me headaches ever since.

I am looking for someone to pull it. Preferably a dentist
but not necessary. I have 10 bucks for tooth pulling.

Does anybody know of a clinic or dentist where I
can just wander in and get my tooth pulled?

Thanks a bunch!!

There is a reason I'm not in marketing.

This interruption of your regularly scheduled blogging will be quite brief, I assure you.

Imagine prospective introduction post, heaving with metaphors and cutesy little details. And then a nice raunchy joke at the end to keep you on your toes.

Right, that's exactly what this is. Sit back a little and squint your eyes, you can almost see it.

For further details, personal information, questions, queries, Nintendo tricks and marriage proposals, direct yourselves to the actual outdated journal.
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Nick Rhodes 2005

only in Portland (bad tech pun)....

From the Tri-Met main page:

Protest marches this afternoon may delay service downtown
TriMet MAX and bus service may face afternoon delays or detours because of protest marches in downtown Portland and across the Burnside Bridge on Thursday, Jan. 20. Check back for detour updates

I believe it's known in the tech industry as bus latency....
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yetti hat


Wanted: A good, cheap, "walk-ins welcome" place to get my hair trimmed up into a 20's-style bob. Preferably near the Belmont/Hawthorne district or somewhere near TV Highway, today. I screwed up cutting my own hair, and don't want to look ridiculous.

Start the Suggestioning!
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(no subject)

I need a good resteraunt to go to for Vday. The type of food doesn't matter as much as the atmosphere. I'd prefer intimate to open. Preferrably in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area, although Portland in the NW and Downtown area will work as well.


I need guaze and burn cream ASAP!

My cat has been burnt by the hot water heater and NO EMERGENCY VETS WILL TAKE US BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE MONEY RIGHT NOW.

Please help us... he is in pain and I need to wrap him up till I can get to a vet in the morning.

Good Kaiser doctors?

My medical coverage was recently switched to Kaiser, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good Kaiser doctors and/or gynos in the Portland area (preferrably at the Interstate office, as it's the closest). I don't have a list of doctors that are taking patients yet, but I hope to have one soon.
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help me end this dispute

Me and some friends are going to be moving out into a 4 or 5 bedroom house and want to know on average what peoples monthly utility bills are for that size house. I say its expensive and my friend says its cheap. If you don't mind telling me what you pay for basic utilities like water, sewer, garbage, electricity, and heat i would appreciate it. We haven't picked out a house yet so i can't tell you what source of heat we will have so if you could elaborate on what kind of heat source you use and the cost that would be great also.