January 19th, 2005

NEED help WITH airblogging.com

I need some help... hopefully all of you are helpful? I am wondering how to use airblogging.com? To post pics from my phone? I signed up, and I am pretty sure I did everything right (well must not have done something right cause it won't work...) I read their help section, and that wasn't as helpful as you'd expect from help. Anyhow, If you have anything that could lead me in the right direction... mucho gracias.

I think i have everything set up, but it just doesn't post when i send?

New to portland

I'm new here and in Se in the mt. tabor area and haven't yet tried out the public transportation yet. I've been to trimet.org and that's not that helpful or i'm just an idiot but i'm a bit confused about how to pay and for how much. i know to get on the 15 line but do i pay for one zone at first and the next zone afterwards and i have no clue how much it would be for just one zone or two together. please help, i'm afraid to get on a bus and end up miles away or something from where i live and not able to get back and going days and days trying to find out where i live.

i promise not to swamp this place with questions about portland so this will be the only one, i mean it. lol

.*..*.a whole plethora of questions.*..*.

Ok as a gift to my uncle I told him and his wife I would watch their 2 kids while they went to the coast and had a romantic weekend..now my problem is..they are 5 and 7..boy and girl..I need x-box ideas..what games are going to help my weekend go by with as little self medicating as possible
second..I need to know if there is any way of either painting a wood surface or doing ANYTHING to decorate it up without sanding and all that responsible stuff..THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!
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Xbox...On that note...

My poor husband has been left in the proverbial gaming dust since we had children and only has a Super Nintendo. Since it is 2005 and he's been so deprived I've decided that I'd like to suprise him with a gaming system but would like opinions as which would be better, the Xbox or a PS2.

I am a complete gaming neophyte so bear with me....

Thank you for your advice/suggestions.
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Looking for a few good employees...(think about it even if you have a job!)

Virtual Receptionist company is looking for an experienced receptionist for a fast paced office. We are located in the heart of the Pearl District in downtown Portland. Must have at least 3 years office experience that includes managing a multi-lined, computer based phone system. Must have comprehensive computer skills with an emphasis on Microsoft office programs and the Internet. Responsiblities will also include business correspondence and administrative duties.

Successful candidate must possess excellent organizational and communication skills, be an independent worker who learns quickly and has the ability to provide excellent customer service. Please email resume to: resumes@worksourceinc.com.

Full time and part-time position available.

P.s. I fukin love this place... best. job. EVAR!

P.s. jeweledmonkee works here too *corrected*
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Is there anyone around here that regularly locks a bicycle up downtown?
I'd like to start riding to and from a 5:30 pilates class dowtown, but I'm scared to lock my bike up on the street downtown after dark.

I have two potential locks:
A Kryptonite u-lock that is 4-5 years old (probably vulnerable to the bic pen???) and
A heavy Kryptonite combination cable lock (potentially, but not easily, cut-able).
What's my best option for still having a bike when I return?

UPDATE: Problem solved. I called the studio and they told me I could bring it inside. yeay!
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Ok so somewheres, there has got to be places in this fantabulous city that sells! Stuff! Like!

•Speedball fabric ink
•size 2 synthetic water color brushes

Michaels? Others? I want to support local artyfarty stores, instead of the old lady in mothballs crafts store.
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Photojournalism model needed

Can anyone help me out? I'm taking a photojournalism class and my homework for this week is to take a series of photos of someone enjoying their occupation or hobby. Homework is due on Saturday. I only get time after my regular job which ends at 5PM or during my lunch hour which I can only travel to Hillsboro, Aloha, or Beaverton.

Can anyone be my model? Just doing your job or hobby and let me snap a few pics. If you can help me, please tell me what your profession or hobby is, what part of Portland you are from, and what time I can meet you (presuming it is within the times I listed above).

Many thank yous in advance.
zuul & gozar
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throw back night

on channel 8 they're showing the blazers game... it's throwback night so cleveland and portland are wearing oldschool uniforms from the 70's... channel 8 started of the game with some kind of filter so the image looked like tv did back in the 70's... they were only using one camera and had oldschool white graphics that you could barely read... just like the old days... sadly... i'm old enough to remember when televised games still looked like that... i thought i got a hold of some bad acid... about 5 mintues in the game they tweaked the color and graphics to modern tv standards and the difference is quite shocking...

anyone else catch that?
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help, por favor!

OK damnportlanders I need your expertise, surely someone in the wonderful city knows the answer to my question.

What is the title & artist of the song that has lyrics that go something like, "Whoa, mercy, mercy me, things aint what they used to be, no, no..."


First correct answer gets a prize!

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(no subject)

alright, heres the story.
i just moved here from back home (alaska) and am looking for a place. luckily, i think i have found one. the only problem is that they want to know if i have ever been convicted of any misdemeanors. which i have. the only thing is, i think it has since been erased from my record.
sooooo.. do i check yes and give them the relevant info?
or do i say no, and risk not getting the apartment because i 'lied'?
anyone know anything about that or have any suggestions? thanks.

The adventure_mobile is for sale!!

Here are the details:

30,000 miles

5 speed

CD player with detachable face


anti-lock brakes

dual air bags (passenger side can be shut off for small children)

anti-theft (ignition lock)

towing hitch and front tow hooks

Solid truck -- great workhorse, commuter, or outdoor vehicle!

$8300 or best offer (This is $2000 below blue book value!)

Please email or call (before 10:00pm) (503) 598-0863.