January 18th, 2005


I know I don't post here much often anymore...

anyway...so I am thinking of getting some tattoos. What I am getting is three things (in black) 2 on my chest just below my shoulders and one on my back between my shoulder blades. I'm thinking that they'll be about 4 inches square.

anybody how much that will cost??

and where should I go to get these. Not too far out east side please (no more than say 50th on the east side) and anything on the west side is fine.

On another note, anyone know a great place to buy a new camera(slr). I want a manual one.

yep...its school dispersement time. :)

House blueprints

I would like to get/purchase the blueprints to our house. I understand that the county keeps records of all the blueprints? I did a google search but all I can come up with are sites that are trying to sell me a blueprint.
Has anyone had to deal with this before? TIA!
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We Have some fish that are too big for their tank. They would have an ideal home in a 50 Gallon Setup. They are freshwater fish and we are hoping to recycle someones old tank. Name your price.

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the taj mahal

I'm helping my uncle with graphics for his stand up routine. He needs an image of the Taj Mahal that's at least 2 feet by 3 feet. It doesn't have to look great, because he's blind and will never know the difference. I tried googling it, but all the images that show up are too small to take to kinkos (or somewhere with a huge printer).
So where can I get a poster of the Taj Mahal? I never buy posters. I have no idea where one would even start looking for such a thing. Please help!

just me, again.

I need a cell phone. Badly. So bad, it hurts. It's painful. Ouch.


So, I have to go with prepaid. The GO phone is what I've had my eye on.

My question is this (and I did call the AT&TCingular retail people the other day, but he wasn't helpful because he was going home early due to the "ice storm"): what happens to me if I purchase the GO phone from say 7-Eleven (the 7-Eleven people aren't really helpful on the matter, either).

AT&TCingular guy said I could purchase the phone ($70) then purchase a nice little $39.99 package. If I buy the GO phone from 7-Eleven, then call AT&TCingular, will they be able to set up that $39.99 plan, or do I have to go into the AT&TCingular retail store?

Which would be a really painful hour bus ride to some place I know would take 10 minutes by car if I could just find a car with a person attached to drive my sorry, cellphoneless self over there. Whereas: 7-Eleven is a few blocks away.

If you don't know, that's fine.

My Comcast is working fine, again. In case you were losing sleep over knowing. I needed to change the channel on the VCR. Silly user malfunction.
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Toddler fun?

We are expecting a new baby anydaynow and I want to get my toddler into some kind of an activity/playgroup that may have children her age...younger.. or older! She is full of energy and all the playgroups we go to are summer outdoors type of deals... of course being in Oregon... it's not ideal for a park playdate in January! :-P Thanks in advance.
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So, I'm getting inked...

I have checked out Optic Nerve and Adorned, and I really loved the people at both studios. I also checked out Nate's portfolio at Optic Nerve, and was very impressed with it. But...I'm wondering if any of y'all have had experience with people at either places? Or, if you've had a really positive experience elsewhere, you can tell me about that, too. The design I plan on getting is fairly simple and small, but does require a little color shading.

(Also, yes, I have checked the memories part of this community, but I am wondering specifically about these two places, and/or artists who can do a good job shading. Mmkay, thanks!)
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Anyone going?

Oh, I am so jealous that I am not 21. I wanted to see the french kicks sooo badly, but I cant get to Eugene. ahh.

Thursday 1/20 - Doug Fir- Portland, OR (21+. W/Dios Malos)
Friday 1/21 - P.O.W HALL- Eugene, OR (All ages. W/Dios Malos)
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Coming to cool kids in Portland on Friday, Jan 21:

Flyer for Soda @ Noir 1-21-05

So, here's something I'd like you to attend. It's the debut of SODA which ought to become a rather hot hangout spot for Fridays. The venue is great, and every show I've done there has been a smash. They seem to really believe in what I'm going to bring, and I plan on making this an intimate, sexy, and fun alternative to everything else Friday has come to mean in Portland.

Right now, SODA is scheduled to be a monthly (though the flyer indicates that Soda will be weekly, I'll keep you posted as to when it turns weekly).

Here's how it works: I will be distributing tickets to the opening party, which is happening Friday, Jan 21. At that party, you can get a button, which will be your lifetime pass to SODA. There won't be many, of course--but it's a fun way to reward early supporters ;)

Your Host:

(DJ) Corban Lester (the cancer fags)


The Cancer Fags

(DJ) Mr Romo (exclusive 80's mashup set!)

General Studies (live pa)

31 Avas

PSST: come find me at 1201 tomorrow night if you want some (free) tickets. See you Friday :)

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two things:

where is a laundromat in SE or downtown that where you can pick up wireless internet connection?


where can i go to buy packets of bleach and bright purple and green hairdye? preferably someplace cheap, as its for a play i'm in and i don't think they're gonna foot the bill.

get crunk. or something

OK, I'm working on a gag gift sort of thing and I'm looking for a store that sells a variety of energy drinks. One in specific that I haven't been able to find. Li'l Jon's Crunk! Energy drink. I found it on the internet, sold by the case, but I only need a few cans. If you know where to find it, or have a few cans laying around you'd like to unload, please let me know. Thanks!

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im looking for a roommate for a apartment im looking at NE portland near lloyd center. 2br, $325 +half of the deposit. someone whos not a maniac, can keep a job, and doesnt go through my stuff. i like partying, just not every night. I'm 18, and i'd like someone around my age. You can IM me at Trust Me Instead if youre interested.