January 17th, 2005


Ice and buses

I decided to take the bus to work Saturday. I walked down to Glisan to take the bus in. I waited for a bit and hopped on the 15 and rode it to 39th and Burnside where I caught the 20. The roads were very slick and danger awaited at every stoplight and turn.

Strangely the snow route for the 20 still included a right turn onto 16th heading towards Sandy. The bus driver apparently took the turn too fast, sliding us headfirst into one of the only palm trees in Portland.

I eventually made it to work where I worked entirely too long. The cool thing was though I got to hang out with my boss all day so that was neat.

6pm FINALLY rolled around and I shut down the office and escorted Jill and Keith to the sidewalk downstairs and parted ways with them at 12th and Hoyt.

I had been watching the weather on accuwrather and weather underground, watching for the warm up that never came, I slid down to Burnside where I was hoping to catch my bus, suddenly an especially slippery spot caught me and I kneeled down on a gian ice cube, I was pretty sure my knee was bleeding, it turned out just badly bruised.

I waited at the Burnside stop across from Powell's for the longest time, no bus. Not wanting to wait for the "bus that never came" I decided to slide down to the Max train. I was accompanied by a gentleman in a similar peril and for the next 6 blocks or so we kept an eye out for the bus and helped eachother not kill ourselves on the ice.

I found the 19 bus at the transit mall, so I scrapped the Max idea and hopped on.
The driver was a nice fellow, very chatty for a bus driver. Driving was fine until we hit Glisan, a few people wanted to get off at floral place. After the passenger exited the bus slid into the curb. We were stuck there for almost 2 hours 0_o.

A very nice gentleman came and gave us cheese and pretzels and hot coffee.. I went outside and played in the ice for a bit contemplating if I shoudl attepmt to walk home... The trobbing welt on my leg told me no.

FINALLY the tow truck guy came to get us out and I was promptly dropped off at 57th and glisan at about 8:30 for my trek to Burnside...

that was my night... what an adventure..
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movie night

Chance of Rain Cafe
1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

Tomorrow night around 6pm they are screening:

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Anyone who would care to join should feel free to...
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Don't ever forget about him.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.

Martin Luther King, Jr., January 15th 1929 - April 4th, 1968.



Ok, so me and a couple of my co-workers were talking about getting paid overtime.

I know that in Oregon, if you work more than 40 hours in a workweek, you have to be paid overtime. One of my co-workers said that it is in fact federal law that we get paid overtime for working over 8 hours.

Is that true?

Reminder: it's a McDonald's job.
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Woe is me.

Has anyone been to a show at Bossanova?

I'm very sad at the news that they won't be having shows there anymore.

Does anyone know why or know a way to get them to change their minds?
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Kristen Bell

Thanks :)

I just wanted to thank the 3 gentlemen who helped my get my car out of a ditch on Sunday. I appreciate your help so much! Thank you for helping, for caring, just for offering. You guys are the best!
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(no subject)

So I saw my hours for last week... 39.99 hours, that is 36 seconds of time I missed, which works out to 11 cents.

How F#*!ing cheap do you have to be as a company to scrounge that 11 cents?

I do not mind the loss, it is just the fact of the matter. I hate this
place. More and more every day.

always with the doctors!

alright, my newest doctor venture is for biodfeedback. referals? difficult? quite. this is what I've found so far. has anyone ever used any of these doctors? or have you been to biofeedback and have a doctor you can recommend?

Advanced Neurofeedback Clinic

2301 NW Thurman St #A

Portland, OR 97210


Bio Feedback Consulting

Portland, OR 97214


Biofeedback Behavioral Mgmt

9450 SW Barnes Rd #255

Portland, OR 97225


Sandra K. Burns, D.C.

4055 SW Gordon Home Rd

Portland, OR 97219


okay, so the next issue is about lady issues. are there any girls here who suffer from vulvodynia and/or vulvar vestibulitis? do you know of any support groups?

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I'm getting off the MAX to go home and this couple with their tadpole and the kid's grandfather get off at the same stop. Ma says: "This is the warmest it's been at any point of any day in the last week." Grampa replies: It's got to be 60!

I was perfectly comfortable myself but when I get home out of curiosity I check weather.com. It's a balmy, hazy 45 degrees. Oh, what a quarter inch of ice will do to your tactile senses.
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Salt on Portland roads??

KATU poll:

I urge everyone to vote no
while Salt has been shown to be the most successful at ridding roadways of snow and ice, it is the most environmentally impacting agents that can be used
-kills pretty much all it touches. Romans burned and salted conquered farms and fiels. Many of these areas are still unable to support vegitation 2000 years later
-salt promotes rust and corrosion on your vehicles. Its and oxiziding agent that can rot rubber and metal.

I know this is not an "official" or "political" vote, but, IMHO, we shouldn't even consider the use of salt on public roads. Saying "yes" here could sway the way things go in the future. I believe that the use of real sand (not gravel as i used now) and an appropriate, non-harmful, chemical de-icer be used together as is used in many other states around the country (this is the stuff that makes the roads look reddish).
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This Past Weekend

I wish to thank those who gave comments regarding Standard Appliances. I was at The Di Prima Dolce this morning and I overheard a conversation between two people talking about them. It appears that the appliance store soured two people and a contractor. It seems they are sending a letter of complaint about being promised like my brother on delivery times. I am hoping that it was just a mistake by the all.
In other news
This past weekend was a bear for all. However,I was at the MAX downtown on Sunday morning and met visitors from Chicago,Wisconsin, and California. They were very upbeat about the weather. Plus,some from back east were happy how (us)Portlanders, made them feel at home.The Chicagoan lives somewhere in the city proper. She took our weather as a Godsend!

I also saw during the Sunday morning, Truck Four going down S.W. Fourth Avenue fish tailing. The stirrer in back of that truck had in my own opinion, had the most dangerous job that morning. That Truck went out four times from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. My hat is off to those firefighters!
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Not Portland-related, but Portlanders should know...

My SO and I are coming up on the anniversary of our first date and we wanted to go away. We were looking at going to Bend so that we could go skiing and such and at first we were looking at the McMenamins lodge there, but of course we're poor college students and two nights there would be a might bit expensive. So, I hopped on to the various "discount travel" websites and they basically all have the same kinds of things: Red Lions and Holliday Inns and such--certainly a possibilty but lacking in all charm and romance. What we'd like is a tiny, cozy room in preferably a single-owner Bed and Breakfast or the like that's not too expensive. If you know of one near Mt. Bachelor, I'd greatly appreciate your imput!

Thanks DPers...