January 16th, 2005


need a doctor for a prescription and have a question about firelogs

it's cold. this means i cleaned. and i realized that i need to refill a prescription from a doctor I no longer am a patient of (long time ago, california. portland=now, obv.) looking for a cool, queer-friendly doctor with a good attitude towards people who have depression and support diverse medicine (holistic, chiropractic, eastern, diet-based, etc...)

now, it's cold. firelogs. duraflame, et al... good for the environment? bad? compared to plain old firewood? "organic" firelogs, and where to find them? looking for unbiased sources to shop around with. have a new fireplace. YAY!

love & kindness
lone romantic!

Looking for a Friend

I know this probably isn't the place and if anyone's 'put out' by this post, my apologies. This is the best resource I have right now...

I'd like to contact Sandra Lounsbury. She and I were friends in spring of '79 at Washington/Monroe High School. If anyone knows her... or if you're out there, Sandra... please leave a comment or contact me at ajurebear@yahoo.com.

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Kittie Foster Care?

So, earlier this semester, I adopted the most adorable cat. Her name is Meta, and she is a fat two-year-old blue tabby.
But, it's not all wine and roses. I live in the dorms, and was keeping her illegally last semester. Now, she needs a new temporary home.
So, if you would like to have a wonderful affectionate cat in your life this semester (until I can move into my apartment in May), please let me know. I will be eternally grateful, as I don't want to have to give her away permanently or take her to the pound.

Thanks guys!
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How are the roads in West Linn and the 205?

Work called and wants to know if I want to try to get to work tonight to relieve the girl who has been iced in all weekend with the client we care for. Anyone know how the hills in West Linn are,( S Salamo Rd area in particular) or the ice conditions on the 205 between Highway 212 and Oregon City exit 6?

help si vous plait!

in all honesty now...

lets say your next door neighbor is frequently having louder sex as the nights go by (such as last night till the early morning) and may i also add these walls in this apartment complex are awfully thin as well...what is one to do besides rip down the effing walls and shooting them both? i don't want to knock on the door and say "umm yeah can you keep the lovin' to a minimum..." any good ideas will be taken into consideration. thanks!
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Can anyone out there help me fix my Comcast cable?

The thing is out to get me.

I turned the cable on. I turned the television on. And nothing. The screen is dark blue (on, not black, but not that blue screen of death color). The cable pretends to be on (it'll display the info about the program on which ever channel you turn to).

Last time this happened Comcast Cable Guy said it seemed like everything just needed to be "cycled through" and taking his lead, my cousin turned everything off, unplugged it it all, plugged everything back in, and turned it all back on.

And now: the blue screen of death color. And a whole lot of nothing.
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(no subject)

So, Im looking for a really great place in Portland to have seafood...like all different kinds of seafood. And I want none of that Redlobster type stuff, a real restaurant with lots of different choices. Yes, and the food should taste good, that would be a plus!
noidea--by me

(no subject)

OK, another computer problem. It started on LJ and JF and now it's on all the pages.

Basically...all the fonts are a lot larger than they should be. Graphics are all the same size, but the words are...big.

I didn't change any settings or anything, and I just ran a scan to make sure it wasn't some bizzare virus. What should I do to change it back?
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I found a new cheap and good sushi and noodle place downtown, Yorinara Bento.

It’s in the Medical building on the Washington side of the building, between SW 10th, and 11th.

Open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Mon. – Fri.

It reminds me of the Sushi and Noodle places in Japantown San Francisco, that is very much like they are in Japan.
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another piece of writing

Evening everyone. I posted that silly Ice Story thing this morning, and was overwhelmed by the comments. I decided to throw out another sample of my work. This is from a mystery novel I've written. The protagonist is a female newspaper reporter, who investigates news stories in Portland, with the city as the back drop. She, shall we say, has issues, and the story is as much about her growth as it is about plot lines. If you've read Stephanie Plum or Kinsey Millhone novels, you may like this sample. Aany input, critical or otherwise, is welcome. I'll put it behind an LJ cut, so if this is not your thing, you can pass it by. Hopefully this is not offensive to the community. I'm not selling the book, as it is yet to be published. Just interested in you comments about the excerpt. The piece I've selected reveals some things about Joan, my heroine. My email is listed in my profile, if you choose to reply offline. Thanks for your indulgence!
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(no subject)

So what are some colleges out there that are more for the bit of slackers, yet who still want to get a good and interesting career? Such as journalism, photography, or just about anything to do with music? that isnt really a community college...

I am wayyyyyyy past my due dates, I have procrastinated way to much.

any suggestion would be nice!