January 15th, 2005

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So who wants to start the conspiracy theories? You know, the "LJ was sold, and immediately afterwards started having problems" theories. Cuz you KNOW they are coming. Who wants to start? Anyone? :)

Free iPod shuffles and Mac Mini!

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Worky Work!

A story about Damnportlanders!

Ok...I've been excited about posting this, mostly because it took me so long to write.  It's not an extremely long story...but when you click it, you'll understand why it took me so long.  I finished it Friday afternoon...but have been waiting to post cause of that damn LJ power failure.  At long last...

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Just because....

I hereby volunteer to step into the LJ posting void and offer up this entry from my journal, since it is mostly Portland-related and I'm feeling posty. Enjoy!
Saturday was a busy day! It's been almost exactly a year since the big ice storm of '04, so we decided to have another one, just for fun

I love this picture... Riley has the "ain't he cool?" look. Griffin looks like The Protector. :)

Lisa escaped to the beach just in time... it's been me and the kids, wall-to-wall, since about 3 PM yesterday. They were going to have some friends over, but it was impossible to drive on the east side of Portland. Sheets of ice!

The plants were pretty, though...
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