January 14th, 2005

Painted Hills

I need a truck.

I plan to buy a small pickup truck in the next couple of months. I'm still driving my first car so I know Jack Sh!t about buying a vehicle, but the 89 Olds has had more fun than anything with four cylinders can stand and it's time to move on.


Tell me about used car dealerships in this town. Who sucks? Who doesn't suck? Who screwed you and how bad? Who sold you a decent vehicle for an honest price? If I were your girlfriend / roommate / best friend / little sister, what would you tell me?

Note: I'm not in a position to buy right now, but I will be in a few weeks. I will also be unloading a beat-up 89 Olds but not, I repeat, not until I have something else arrange. (And I have to find where I put the title to it anyway.) This is not a buy-sell-trade offer, this is a request for information about local car dealerships. If you want to make a buy-sell-trade offer, email me privately.


Pass it on, or pass on it.


Buyers, Bidders, Collectors...and browsers.
You can sign this petition too!
As buyers any type of fee increases will mean that you'll pay more too. :-/

You can also email ebay directly at CSWEBFORM@EBAY.COM
Or you can send snail mail OR you can call them and give your $.02
2145 Hamilton Avenue, # 350
San Jose, CA 95125
Their company hours are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Pacific time.

(no subject)

so, my mom's coming from california to visit me for the first time. i want to show her aroud town during the weekend.

anyone have some suggestions for some uniquely portlandish spots to visit? nice and/or quirky restaurants and cafes especially.

so far on my list:
montage bistro
the vita
pied cow

Two part question

1) What are some other PDX entertainment/restaurant review sites other than CitySearch?

2) Best Korean in greater PDX? I'm talking chap chae, ja jang myun, bi bim bap, the whole nine. Where? I tried the joint on Powell near 82nd and was unimpressed.
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(no subject)

Good late morning PDX!
I was wondering if anyone knew where my boyfriend and I could take ballroom dancing lessons. I need something pretty reasonably priced and someplace with good competent instructors and such. Thanks!

for the bored bakers out there..

Recipe idea

so i have mass amounts of Wheat Chex, Life and Cheerios from WIC (seriously we probalby have 2 boxes of each)

so i thought of a twist on the typical Chex Party Mix.... because i didn't have all the spices/pretzels for it...

so this is my recipe

Collapse )
anyways, i thought this was a good snack alternative/use for WIC cereals...

now i just gotta figure out what to do with the 6 lbs of cheese in my fridge hehehe...
TheTwilight Zone

A Question for D-Portlanders

Has anyone had any problems with Standard Appliances? I am asking due to the fact that my brother bought two appliances from them and was told that they do not deliver to the burgs on Tuesdays and Thursdays after waiting one week.They promised him that they would deliver last Tuesday. However, they called back and told him the delivery policy last night.

My brother wanted to surprise his wife with an early anniversary gift of a washer and dryer.Now, they state that they will deliver this Monday when they were told she will be home.

{Tonight} Stahlwerks - 01/14/05

*Tonight!* Friday January 14th 2005

playin the best in Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Noize, & some random 80's

Dj Carrion
Dj Uberlush
Dj NoN
Dj Zufall

Doors @ 10:00pm - 21+

Stahlwerks is located at:
The Viper Room
(the club with the torches outside)
720 SE Hawthorne Ave.
Portland, Oregon


Questions? Requests? Debooking@yahoo.com


*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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