January 12th, 2005


anyone know where i can find echinacea? (i hope that is spelled right)

i need my magic cure! (either in the pill form or liquid kind that you put in water)
or is there an Echinacea tea?
none of this i know... i dont want to get sick!

thank you

Short notice

Anyone want to go to the US Figure Skating Championships, the Championship Original Dance program, at 2.15 pm today? I have two tickets, and I can't use them. You'd have to drive out to around the airport to get them.
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Worky Work!

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Anyone want to help me kill...cure my cat? heh.

Here's the thing. He's just shy of 1 years old. About 2 months back, he started howling...or whining. Just walking around the house, and whining and howling. Did it at night too. Extremely annoying. So we got him neutered on Saturday, thinking it would calm him down. I realize it's only been four days, but anyone have any ideas on why he's howling/whining? I think it's night prowling....but I'm not sure, nor am I sure what that is. All I know, is that the vet on Saturday said that neutering does not cure night prowling in all male cats. So is it night prowling? Any help DP? I'm ready to throw the cat out the window.........onto a pile of soft pillows, that is.


Someone to fix my dryer.

Howdy I'm new here.

I am on a quest to find a reputable, *CHEAP*, and reliable repair service/technician/able-type person to fix the heating element in my dryer in SE PDX. If you have any recommendations please let me know.


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Does anyone haver personal experience with McMenamins Olympic club Hotel & Theater (in Washington)? The boyfriend and I are thinking of taking the train up to stay a few days over spring break, and would love some extera input before we put a good amount of money into it. OR if three is another McMenamins hotel you would recomend please do so!!!

Thanks ever so much

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Hello Everyone..
I just joined DamnPortlanders.
I*ve been trying to branch out and meet new people though Meetup.com.
Does anyone know if the Portland LJ meetups venue (McMinnamins) is 21+?
Much to my dismay, I*m a few months away from that rite of passage.
Let me know!

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Hello again, DP!

I found when the kid was going to Job Corps that there aren't many resources for single NOT WORKING moms, unless you're a recovering junkie. Now that the girl is working, I wonder - what childcare resources are available for working moms? Alternately, can anyone recommend inexpensive EVENING care (her call-center job is 3-9.30), preferably at a place with other kids? Socialization for the 20-month-old would be a great thing; he only knows grown-up types, no matter how child-like or childish we may sometimes be.

As always, my hat is off to you, Damned Portlanders!

Oh, and we're still hiring.
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yetti hat

(no subject)

Heya DP's --

Do you know of any good, cheap mexican food around the Hawthorne District? Mexican as in, you sit down, have chips and salsa, cheesy mariachi music going on in the background.. etc? Not Taco Del Mar or Taco Bell/Taco Time...

Anyone? I'm craving good cheap mexican, and the only places I know of are on the west side, in Hillsboro.
Burn The World

The Zombie Horde Needs You

Ever wanted to be in a movie? Now's your chance.

Local independent film-makers Guerrilla Productions are in the midst of filming their most ambitious project to date, what they describe as a "full-length feature on a used car budget", a zombie flick entitled Flesh Of My Flesh...and they need zombies, as in pronto.

These guys are a small but dedicated bunch of guys, making their way as best they can. If you've attended the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in the least few years, you've seen some of their work (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Testament of Tom Jacoby, Collect Call of Cthulhu, Innsmouth Legacy). Now, they've set their sights even higher, and you can be part of the action. Come be an extra...be a zombie. Don't think that's your speed? They also need various miscellaneous crew: security, catering, set-building/dressing, you name it.

Like I said, there's no money in this. You'll get a copy of the movie when it's finished, and you'll get screen credit (how cool would it be to be able to say you're listed in the IMDb, eh?). You'll also have a helluva fun time.

If you're interested, now is the time to get in on the action, as there's a shoot this Saturday that will need a lot of zombies, and they don't have enough yet. You can go to the official website and click on the "Wanna Help?" link, or bop over to the Yahoo group and join up. Both locations have a copy of the shooting schedule, and all the info you need to get involved.

Come on out, it's gonna be a blast.
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Worky Work!

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FYI Portland...

I'm not sure if this has been posted before...but!...

If you haven't checked out your credit report yet....do it. From all three bureaus...it's free now to us westerners - www.annualcreditreport.com  Pretty easy instructions.

Second... www.hrblock.com has been very handy in helping out with my tax returns, both in estimation and filing. (P.S. They let you e-file for free too! With stipulations of course. State however...nuh uh....you have to pay for that.) I will pimp them here, because I believe they are doing a good job...those damn corporate whores.

Eh...they give me money.

Hope this helps people.