January 11th, 2005

What newspapers do you read?

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of newspapers and magazines in the Portland area. Many of them are probably only read by a small segment of the population, but you reading this might be part of that segment.

And, of course, this being Livejournal, the results may be tilted more towards the "young and hip" periodicals like the PDX Mercury. But I just want to do an informal survey of what periodicals people here read. Also, where abouts you live and why you read this newspaper...is it an ethnic paper? One based around your community? Or a particular hobby?
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Where do you guys buy your computers? I'm hoping for a nice tax return and want to get something better than what I have.

Under a "G" is ideal. And this is going to be a desktop, btw.

Got any thoughts?

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Our puppy (in the icon) has been digging quite a bit. She mostly digs the mulch in the dog run, which is good. The problem is that the cable and phone lines are buried there, and they go into the side of our house and into the crawl space. She keeps digging them up and pulling many many feet of wire out from under the house. We have tried different wire protectors, we have buried the cable with her pooh (which is supposed to stop digging) we have tried many things.

Now, I want to try to give her a place to dig that is fun and specially FOR her. I thought I would give her a sandbox and then I could show her how fun it can be. I will bury her toys and stuff like that, and hopefully she will focus on this area instead of the other.

The problem is, it is January in Oregon. Sandboxes are not readily available. So, I was thinking, does anyone here know where I could get a hard plastic kiddie pool or sandbox this time of year? Or does anyone have one that they do not use or need anymore? I did post a request to freecycle a few minutes ago, so I am also trying that route.

Thanks for anyone with ideas or a sandbox.
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saul williams @ PSU this friday?

saul williams' website says he is scheduled to perform at portland state this friday at an undetermined time, but the PSU website doesn't list it in its events schedule.
does anyone have more info?

also on thursday the 13th he's at PCC sylvania in the little theatre from 12:30pm - 2pm, but there's no info about tickets or prices or if it's open to the public, etc...


Does anyone have digital camera pictures they'd like to print?

i have a coupon for the website www.winkflash.com for 8 cents a picture.. which is the cheapest i've EVER seen it (average is 16-28 cents a photo)

plus! shipping is only .99 cents!

that's 8.99 total for 100 pictures!

anyways.. it's at http://www.winkflash.com/parenting/

and the promo code is: S1XJ5A77

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OK kids. The Multnomah County Kennel Club is closing. Long story short, there's about 50 greyhounds down there that need homes. The Greyhound Pets Of America's Oregon branch is going to be handling this. I've had a greyhound in the past, and I've got a mixed-breed greyhound/black-lab right now. From personal experience, you couldn't do better than one of these adorable, loving dogs for a pet.

These are the fastest couch potatoes you'll ever see. They go from zero to snooze in about 10 seconds. Seriously. They love to play, they love to run, but they can only keep up for about 10 minutes, before they needs 8 hours of sleep and a bowl of Wheaties. They don't smell like dog, they're hypoallergenic, most love kids, and cats, and other dogs. You'll love them as much as they'll love you.

It's one more cause that Portland needs to step up for. C'mon people. These dogs were bred for entertainment, and when it became unprofitable, they were left to twist in the wind. The GPA-NW finds homes for them, but they need your help. Anybody out there with room in their heart and home for a big cuddle pup? Anyone out shopping for a pet right now?

Greyhound Pets Of America - Oregon
Oregon Greyhound Association
MKC - The Multnomah Kennel Club
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