January 10th, 2005


Die PC doctor die!

So I was doing some consulting for my friend's dad this weekend and one of the things he asked me to fix was a horrible, uninstallable program called "PC Doctor OnCall". This stinking program is installed as a "trail version" that has no uninstaller!! I causes the goddamn popups every 5 minutes that tell you your computer has "25 problems" (it's always 25 as far as we could tell, not very creative at all). Check online forums if you don't beleive me. Search the registry, edit autoexec.bat, the start items, etc etc etc. You can't find it. Anyway, after going over the running processes I found it.

*EDIT* - This program does NOT have any entries in the Add/Remove programs control panel, either! Evil!

So as a public service to you damnportladers who have been cursed with this thing:

To Fix: Find the file c:\windows\realtime.exe and rename it c:\windows\PCDoctor_sucks.ass

It won't start again! :)

I'm going to post this on all the forums where I found complaints about this and no solutions.
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A rainy-day walk...

Yesterday susieredshoes and I walked to an industrial zone under the eastern approaches of the Morrison Bridge. We stopped on the way at Grand Central Bowl, recently closed...the building will be redveloped by the owner. That's why Sue looked mournful. It was the place where we've played our only frames of bowling together.
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Smiley Ed
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shooting ranges

I see very few shooting ranges in Portland and none on the west side where I'm at.

Does anyone have experience with any that they'd like to share? Nothing fancy, just cheap GI Joe's 45mm rounds.

I'm actually surprised I haven't found more outdoor style spots. Thus far, the only place I've found to fire outdoors is at the ranch where I board a horse, and I'm not really keen on teaching horses how to handle the sound of gunshot.
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Free Brake Inspection?

Dear Damnportlanders,
Where can I get an estimate on how much is left on my brake pads for free? Looking for something that exists in the Beaverton/Aloha/Hillsboro area. Can be a national chain or a small shop. Just need to know how much brakes I got left.
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PSYNAMI - Saturday Jan. 15th - Trance Dance Benefit

(since i remember talk to tsunami benefit parties on here before I decided to pass this info on to those who were interested.... -dB)

attached msg:
Date & Time: Saturday, January 15 2005 more on this date
10:00 PM
Location: Center Space
420 SE 6th Ave
Portland, Or 97214 view map
More Info: 503-768-4023
N.E.T. and Apollo's Lute have come together to bring you a night of tranced out bliss while we help our brothers and sisters in need.

Saturday January 15th 2005
a donation based benefit for tsunami victims

Live performance by

""MUBALI""... Mistresses of Evil Rec ... San Francisco

plus special 2x4 dj sets by

""AMBER and ry.N""

and dj sets by


Live downtempo and visual performance by


We are proud to present a fundraiser benefit named PSYNAMI. As we dance we will we open our hearts to those victims of the eight countries that have recently been ravaged by this natural disaster.

We will be sending the proceeds of this event to the relief efforts in South Asia. There are also people within in our local community that have family and friends that need immediate assistance in Thailand and Indonesia. Come celebrate with us and create a tide of loving support.

As our families grow and solidify, they also begin to merge. I personally am very happy to be working with everyone involved in this.

The event will be donation based. Please donate what you can. We do have expenses for this event but will be doing all we can to raise as much money for the relief effort as possible. Many of the upfront costs have been donated. There will be an altar to leave your donations at as well as someone at the door accepting donations specifically for the relief effort.

More info to come soon.....

In light and love

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Oct 2010

(no subject)

We (my boyfriend and I) are going to a wedding this weekend. I searched high and low for a registry for the bride and groom and it does not appear that they are registered anywhere. I take this to mean that they would prefer money, right?

What amount of money would you give for a wedding of a friend? They are both in their late 30's - early 40's, and have been living together for years.

I want to make sure that I give her an appropriate amount, but I am not sure what that would be. Input appreciated.

Edit: I just called her to inquire whether she was registered somewhere or preferred a monetary gift and she told me that they decided they did not want gifts, only the presence of the friends and family invited. She said they had two charitites that they felt strongly about that needed more than they did, so if we felt like doing anything, we could donate on their behalf. That is very cool and I will do that. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, I will keep it in mind for the future.
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The Oregonian/intervu request

Portlandia People:
I'm a reporter with The Oregonian doing a story about LJ and wanting to talk to PDX LJers. The story is provocative: it's about the LJ community and also about the notion that sites like LJ contribute to this trend toward civic disengagement - that people get wrapped up in LJing and care less about politics, news, volunteerism, community organizations, etc. Have an opinion about this? Call me today (1/10), Tuesday or Wednesday (1/12) at 503-294-5011. I'd like to talk to you!
- Erin Hoover Barnett, reporter, The Oregonian

Hey, Portlanders!

Need a little help...

Ran across a person who needs and is actively seeking psychiatric [read: counseling + chemical(medication)]intervention. Money is an issue... a huge issue...

I know this has probably been asked before, but I didn't find anything in the archives, so I'm askin' again. :)

Low-cost psychiatric care? Where do you go? Who do you see? Reccommendations? Advice?

You may email me directly in favor of preservation of privacy. Or, reply here if you just don't give a darn.

I would like to pass a few suggestions on to them.

Please and thank you! :)
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1.20 boys don't cry

theXplodingboys' upcoming shows

4 feb 2004 : theXplodingboys will rock mt tabor with railer

come see the eXciting neXt theXplodingboys show with special guest railer! this should be a very energetic and fun show. railer's original music is a miX of pop, alt-rock, keyboard-infused joy, and all the things that, really, make the cure so enjoyable!

we've been working on new tunes in our repertroire, including a lot of kiss me songs as well as our classics. if you haven't seen us, this is a great time to do it! and if you've seen us in the past, we've completely transformed ourselves since 2003! theXplodingboys is now a seXtet, now led by the former drummer, thedr9wningman.

sabala's mt. tabor is recently refurbished. it has a great stage, a full bar, and the crew from the old satryicon! located at 4811 se hawthorne, it is bus accessible via the #14 bus line. food is also available in and near the venue.

most of the info you'll ever need is at our website, which has been updated recently to include more imagery for your eXcitement.
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Opinions wanted

Are you familiar with Vigne Wine Bar & Merchant. 417 NW 10th Avenue?

I was talking to someone today who pronounced Vigne = Vig-nee.

I think it's pronounced Vine.

What do you think?
Prince George

young-adult women's studies?

My sister's 13th birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her started on learning about some women's issues and history. The curriculum at school (hometown's a little bit too white & male-oriented) doesn't really cover much about women ('cept how they belong in the kitchen), even in high school.

I was hoping somebody might know of a good book or resource that could be interesting and fun for an intelligent young teen.

Any ideas?
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Want to help?

Hey, Portlanders! We all know about the recent tragedy in Southeast Asia and how many lives it's affected. A lot of us may want to do something to help, but aren't sure what will. Well, let me tell you about a group that you might not have heard of that has different ways for you to help.

Students Taking Action Now (STAN) was formed in 2001 in response to the growing needs of the Portland community. It was founded by a group of students at PSU who wanted an organized effort to give to the community. Though it is no longer affiliated with PSU, the name has stuck in the spirit of the founders. STAN has donated thousands of man hours to feeding the homeless, painting over graffiti, working with victims of domestic violence and much more. They've also held fundraisers for many of these same causes.

Now, STAN has partnered with the American Red Cross here in Portland to raise money for the victims of this terrible tragedy. We've set a goal to raise $10,000 to provide food, shelters and medical care to the victims of the SE Asia tsunami. In order to accomplish this goal, we're going to need a lot of help. There are two ways that you can help.

First, you can leave a comment here with your email address and I'll send you some information about the fundraiser. Depending on the response that we get, I'd like to hold a few informational sessions this week to meet those that volunteer, get you all the materials you'll need, etc. I ask that you respond to my email letting me know what days/time of day is best for you so that I can plan these informational sessions.

If you don't have time to help with the fundraiser, but would still like to support the effort, you can paypal donations to supportstan@comcast.net. All donations received via paypal from December 15th-February 1st will go to this fundraising effort.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to meet some of you over the next week.
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Oral Surgeons

I need a lot of dental treatment done (wisdom teeth hell, etc.) - I don't have any insurance so I would need a payment plan, and I need recommendations because I fear dentists in a very bad way. I found these listings under a directory for dentists that use sedation practices (to put me OUT). But has anyone ever gone to them, and/or have any experience with other Portland-area dentists/oral surgeons that you would recommend (that put you OUT)? I have lock jaw at the moment, so waiting to get on a dental insurance plan is sort of out of the question...unless you know something wonderful that I don't?

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