January 9th, 2005


The Vacant seeks violon and/or cello

The Vacant

The Vacant is seeking either a Cello player and/or a Violin player.

The Vacant is currently a three-piece instrumental post-rock band (bass, drums, and guitar). We are hoping to add some texture/atmosphere..mainly on the lower end... which is why we're looking for someone who plays Cello. Beautiful, power swells is what we're hoping to add the mix.

You can listen to some songs by clicking on the following link:


If you have any questions and/or comments please fill out the form and or email us at band@thevacant.com


p.s. if you have a hour to kill.. why not stream our show from October and let us know what you think.
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$10 to crash on your couch Tuesday night


I'm moving to PDX later this month. I have a couple of important medical appointments in PDX this Wednesday (1/12), so I'll be bussing down from Seattle.

Here's the complicated part: My first appointment's at 10 a.m., and it's too late to reschedule. But the only way I can make that appointment (thanks to Greyhound's fucked-up SEA-to-PDX schedule) is to leave Seattle on 1/11, arriving in Portland Tuesday evening.

As classy as the pdx bus station is, I'd rather not hang out there all night. And there's no way I can afford a hotel, or even a hostel. I ground-scored two $5 bills in a 7-11 parking lot last night, but that's about all I have to offer.

I'm respectful, quiet-ish, hygeine-friendly, and I won't steal your stuff. You'll barely know I'm there- and when I'm gone, you'll have enough extra cash for a weekend of Pabst-fueled hedonism, a new suede collar for your ferret, or a whole month's supply of cheap toilet paper. The choice is yours.

Any takers...?

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all right.

so my half brother and sister's grandma (nana) just died. i didn't know nana very well, although i did know her. however, while i'm sad, i'm not as sad as them. my half-brother and sister and i are very close on everything, just not on this. i want to make them a card, but i don't know what to put on it. should i say something like "i'm sorry for your loss"? or...what? i just don't know. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Girlscout Cookies Now!!

that's right,  get your fill, ask klayr how

pre-orders are going on now, get your fix on and secure that speacial box (or two). Tantalized by Thin mints, salivate for Samoas, snag them early before the rush.
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Pee Calvin Pee

Hi everybody. We've all seen those ridiculous Calvin peeing stickers on the back of cars and trucks for years now and yet I've never known of any places that sells them. Where can I get myself one of those stickers? I want some to use for a special project I'm working on and any help would be appreciated. Besides the Calvin pee stickers, I've seen the Calvin praying ones as well. And just today I saw a new one which kind of surprised me. It was of a little pig-tailed girl that was squatting and peeing (or having a major case of the squirts). Where could I get these stickers and their variations as well? Anyone know?