January 8th, 2005


i am board drunk (only because i went out for my birthday) and no one is up or home!!! i wanna talk to some one!!!! hit me up??? if ya have aim i am humbletulip!
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Anyone looking for a part time babysitting job?

I need someone available to babysit my 3 year old grandson more or less from 6-7pm until 930-10pm when his mom gets home. It would either be my home in Clackamas,(preferred) or it would need to be in your home close to the 31 busline between the Milwaukie transit center and the Clackamas Towncenter transit center. It would always be on a weekday night, weekends free. If you have your own transportation that would be best as my daughter does not drive to get you home. I work for a home health agency and my work days are subject to change so it would not be a set schedule right now. Anyone interested in such a job?
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Okay, at least two Sally's beauty supply locations I know of have STOPPED carrying Punky Colour. I really don't like manic panic and don't want to spend hot topic type of money for a bottle of hair dye. Does ANYONE know where to get punky colour in Portland or surrounding areas???

too much noise - quiet coffeehouse needed

OK, I need to write. Or draw. Or something. I love coffeehouses. So, I need a quiet coffeehouse, with decent tables, and power outlets, and wireless Internet access. It seems that all the places I've been have been more "active", with loud music playing, live music, lots of people, etc. So far, Backspace seems to fit the bill the best, or Red and Black at times (right now, it's extremely loud and packed at R&B; I've not seen it like this).

Hell, I've got to get out of here. Guess I'll go to Backspace after all. I've got to get things done, and I don't want to sit around at home trying to do them.
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Anyone's cat given birth before?

Ok, so for a while now, I have suspected that my cat is pregnant. But I never knew for sure, and I never took her to the vet to ask a pro. Just 20 minutes ago she woke up and started crying non stop. So I brought her into my room, and she went straight for the closet. She started digging into our pile of belts, so I moved them out of her way and put down a blanket with a towel over it. She continued digging motions, and then lie down on her side, still crying some.

My boyfriend and I looked on line to see what cats do when they are in labor, and she had done pretty much everything so far: hiding herself in the closet, burrowing, laying on her side while constantly purring, and crying. So for a second I was in awe because I thought my cat was about to have kitties. But now, she got up and walked around for a while, ate some food out of her dish, and she's just being her usual self. Is it possible that it was a false alarm, like humans have? Am I going to have to stay up all night and wait for kittens to arrive!? Sheesh, I don't even know if she's pregnant, I don't feel anything kicking her stomach. Anyone ever have a similar situation with their cat?

UPDATED: Here is a picture of my cat, Collapse )
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tattoo shops

I looked through the memories but I didn't really find what I was looking for.

I want to go get a tattoo and so do two of my friends. They both want artists who are really good with letters/phrases (they are getting latin phrases, one on the forearm and one near her hips). I'm looking for someone who could do an ankh, but I want them to be able to brainstorm something more creative than just the traditional version. We would like to go to a place where we could all get them done on the same day, on a Friday. We also need someplace affordable because we are all college students (and I got my car towed yesterday).

A friend recommended Adorn. Another friend recommends a shop in downtown Hillsboro (near 3rd I think). We're looking for any place in the vancouver/portland/beaverton/hillsboro area.

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