January 7th, 2005

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Health Clinic

Hey Portlanders,

I'm really really sick, and (of course) have no health insurance. Anyone know of a clinic I can go to, to get medicine for this nasty flu I have? And so I can get a written excuse for work?

Anything in Beaverton or Portland would be really helpful and Really appreciated.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it needs to be a free clinic. Or at least one that'll let me pay later.
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(no subject)

Is anyone aware of any laid back cafe/coffee shop/bar/retail/misc etc type of jobs? The kind that are places you might actually go to of your own volition.

I'm actually looking for minimal hours (potential for more is fine but not necessary), perhaps even floater. I'm looking for daytime hours until 4pm or if it's downtown/close to... 11:30ish (in the PM) to late.

Any direction/possibilities anyone can offer are most appreciated.
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western culinary....

they don't have it on the website
they're talking about it on the news
Western Culinary is being investigated for some crap by the state
makes me wanna re-think

channel 6 any minute now...

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I "auto" get another opinion on this. (HA!) A little advice?

I'm looking at replacing the current Adventure_mobile with an older Subaru. So, here's my predicament: I can definitely afford an older, front wheel drive Subaru, and possibly and older all wheel drive Subaru, and I'm wondering, just to get to some of the snow parks, etc, is it do-able in a front wheel drive vehicle here? Or should I really try to find an all wheel drive vehicle?

A couple of things which are making this a difficult choice for me:
a) I'm getting rid a a rear wheel drive pickup [read: worst thing to drive in the snow EVER.] So, anything is an improvement.
b) I grew up in the Rocky Mtns, and consider myself fairly competent in a front wheel drive (with chains?) in the snow.

Also, does anyone have/had a 1994-1996 Impreza? Good, bad, happy, sad, or? Could this possibly be the next Adventure_mobile?

Please and thank you, soooo much. :)

(incidentally, I cross-posted this EVERYWHERE, so neener neener if you don't like it :p )
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a. Any theaters that shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

b. Im new to town and need cool things to do and people to talk to, my walls are conversationalists! (and books barely let you get a word in edgewise)

yep yep yep yep.

(no subject)

Does anyone know if there is a radio station in portland that plays constant traffic reports? I'm sick of getting caught on I-84 like I did last tuesday. I think I've heard of an AM station that serves this purpose. Thanks for the help.

Where to buy stuff

Hi. I'm looking for a few places in Portland:

  1. A used computer store that has Mac stuff. I'm specifically looking for a copy of Mac OS 9 (install CDs, not update CDs).

  2. A good cloth and sewing store. I need nice fabrics (silks, plain cottons, heavier clothing fabrics, etc.)

  3. Occult goods (I know about New Renaissance and the Wiccan place on Hawthorne already)

  4. Used clothing store - I need some decent work clothes, some button-down shirts, etc.

  5. A nice, nonsmoking bar. Probably something "upscale"-ish, but without a snobby attitude

  6. [EDIT]A garden co-op where I can rent a 10'x10' space for the season[/EDIT]

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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(no subject)

Do any of you lovely DamnPortlanders have Kaiser insurance? If so, do you have a doctor you'd recommend to me. I want someone with a genuine bedside manner, someone who will have empathy for my situation and show concern and interest in helping me, providing me with comfort, support, and options. Do doctors like this exist anymore? I want my childhood doctor back! I am just fed up with impersonal doctors who make you feel like a robot is examining you until they spout out an insensitive insult masked as a diagnosis only to stop talking to you completely, jot down notes in their file, and then toss you a prescription and say come back if it's still a problem. Does anybody using Kaiser have a doctor who isn't like this?