January 6th, 2005

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Hey everyone, I have 6 American eskimo puppies that will be up for sale. They were born Dec 12 and will be ready to go to good homes at the end of this month. I'm selling them for 400 a piece, they are purbred and i have both the parents. There's 2 girls and the rest are male. If your interested at looking at them, or for more further information contact me either through posting or you can e-mail me @ helmikuu_aquarius@hotmail.com


Is there anyone here who knows how to play accordion or who could just give me some info on costs, lesssons etc? In the midst of a zydecogasm this morning I decided I really want to learn how to play accordion. Please help!
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I have a need for some advice on wedding stuff.
I'm getting married September 17th of this year
(we finally changed the date for the LAST time.. fun little bit of info: we met on livejournal.. haha)

Where would we find a fairly inexpensive, indoor place to have a smaller wedding?

Any recommendations on caterers?

How about a place to have the reception?

I'd like to hear about your experiences with the locals :)
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IPRC Audiozine Release Party

Thursday, January 13th
8pm - 10pm
at the IPRC, 917 SW Oak Street #218

The IPRC Audiozine release party is an exciting opportunity to see some local talents perform their written works as well as relax with a bowl of chili, chat with some writers and artists, take a look around the IPRC, and be the first to own a copy of the new IPRC Audiozine (we'll have them on sale at the event).

Reading at the event will be Ariel Gore (Hip Mama), Krissy Durden (Ponyboy Press), and Dan Howland (Journal of Ride Theory) who will be giving a special presentation on the 1939 World's Fair.

Including tracks from thirteen of Portland's most treasured zine publishers with bits of music from Portland bands in between, the IPRC Audiozine comes on CD with a booklet that reflects the zine library collection of the IPRC. Also included in the booklet is contact information for each reader.


Independent Publishing Resource Center
917 SW Oak Street #218, Portland, OR  97205
Phone/Fax: 503/827-0249  Web: www.iprc.org
Hours: Mon 12-10, Tues-Thurs 4-10, Fri-Sun 12-6
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How could I have missed this?!

Highly unusual for me to be ignorant of a screening of such cinematic magnificence, I'm booked tonight in order to see Tron at the Hollywood for either the 7pm or the 9pm show.

This here post is not merely for the advertising of the geeky-greatness that is Tron, but to gather a riotous mass tonight for this occasion!


Who's with me?


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well on another note i got a digicam. i have be snaping pictures here there and every where. so i was wondering what is the best site for hosting pictures and why. free is preferable.

movin' on up

Does anyone know how one would go about shipping a car from oregon to hawaii? a freind is moveing there in a month and wants to bring his car over with him. and if anyone knows the price that'd be great too.

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i know it's been asked many times before but i can't seem to find it in the search engine.

free or very cheap psychological and/or psychiatric clinics in portland?

that you don't have to wait weeks in line for because you're not homeless?

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I just became obssessed with wonder woman!

Damn she is cool. Strong, Beautiful, Untouchable...bet her b-friends never fooled around!

Anyone know where to get cool stuff featuring her bad ass?