January 4th, 2005

My childhood was lost, before my eyes.

I don't know about anybody else, but I was raised on a movie. This movie was more than just a silly movie to me ... it was my complete childhood. (A little dramatic, huh?)

Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme was the movie.

After years of searching I found that worn out, beat up tape and about peed myself as I ran to put it in the VCR. 20 minutes into the movie pops up the 1998 Olympics.

Terrible, right?

So, I find myself sitting in front of my computer, ravaging Google for any leads as to where I could find a copy of this movie in any form.

NOBODY, I mean seriously NOBODY has this movie, nor has even heard of it, it seems. I've looked everywhere online to order a copy but nobody has it. (Amazon, Ebay, random searches etc.)

So Portlanders. Have any ideas? I know it was shown on HBO before actually being remastered in 1990. So, should I aim at taking hostages until found?
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(no subject)

so i woke up this morning and was checking my mail and such.

something strange happens...
when i goto or leave my friends page on LJ i get pinged by different recording industry servers and or webmailer spam servers..

anyone else notice this?
(ive already gone through the typical spybot/adaware scan, clear cache cookies, occurs with multiple browsers, reboot in diag and try with nothing runnin options)

it looks like something on my friends page is doing it cause it only happens on the first one.
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Samurai Movie Night!

so.. time for the weekly update..
if you are bored and need something to do tonight, come drink coffee with us and watch samurai movies.

Chance of Rain Cafe
1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

1st tuesday of the month is samurai night, all the rest are just random movies.

Tonight around 6pm we will be watching:

Kakushi toride no san akunin (1958)
(The Hidden Fortress)

Directed by
Akira Kurosawa
Collapse )

Second flick will start whenever the first is over.

Samurai Fiction (1998)

Directed by
Hiroyuki Nakano
Collapse )
patsy stone thanxgiving

my cats are missing!!!

my two cats [poe and baby] have been missing for a few days now.
poe was an elusive cat that we saw once in a while and last time i saw him he didn't have his tag on. [i decided to put a new one on him next time i saw him but that next time never came]
baby [also called goulash] was an indoor kitty who went outside only to do her toilet "duty". because she was inside all the time we didn;t put a tag on her. [i guess that was a big mistake]
taking into consideration that they might have been picked up by the animal control, what are the places where i should look for them? where do they take animals in portland?
sorry, but im not really familiar with all of that and your help will be greatly appreciated.
i miss my kitties! :-(
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(no subject)

I might be moving to Portland in the summer. I'll be coming all the way from New York, so I can only afford to visit once before I make my decision.

I checked out apartments.com for places to move. My favorite complex is The Frank Estate; Wellington Springs and Waverly Gardens were my second favorites. Is there anything (good or bad) I should know about these complexes before I visit? Anybody have experience with them?

I'll be in Portland for a little over a week. What should I do/see before I leave? I'd especially love to know about hiking trails, old book shops, and Chinese or Indian restaurants. Oh, and I'm only 18, so bar hopping isn't really an option.

Thank you!


Co Signing For A Car Loan

So I made the biggest mistake of my life trusting my "friend" with a 10,000 dollar car payment, for her Acura. I co-signed for her since my credit was awesome. I am the first buyer on the loan papers, with my name on the title. She went off to the army and has since missed many many payments. I am thinking about just repossesing the car and eating all the cost difference.

I am not looking for chastisement(or pity), my fiance has already just about killed me since we are buying a house together soon. I want to know if anyone can HELP ME. I haven't been able to contact her sicne she left the US and her parents are just as sick of dealing with it all as I am. I really don't want to sick my lawyer on her, but if I must, I will.

Anyone been through something similar or have an relevent info?
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(no subject)

does anyone know of any good insurance agencies
that i could apply to? i'm an independant 23 yr old girlthing
and apparently could maybe apply for this one program that
would help pay for my medical things, however i have
to meet and talk with an insurance agent first
and i have no idea who i should go to.
i live near portland so it could be in portland, or arond it.
i might have to go with it too. so yes. any help is grand and
i thought one of you must know. ;)

ps does anyone know what on earth this name is for this thing
that i called that told me to look up an insurance agent?
its like.. family health systems or something but i didnt get
the exact name and i'm looking for a website or something.

(no subject)

good temp agencies. I need to stay in Portland. I've refused temp agencies long enough, but my current job ends Thursday.

I'm a clerk. I do clerical work. I was to commit 48 hours per week to this job, and I gave them 50. I'm a busy, hard-working bee. I won't take anything less than $8/hour. I don't need benefits (well, I do, but...), I just need to be able to commute via Tri-Met.

In Portland. I can't leave Portland.

Employment legalese, can you help?

Is there any legal stipulation about how long a company can wait to pay it's employee for hours they have worked? Like if they decide to not start paying you for a job you've started for 3 or 4 weeks, does the law give the employee any footing to stand on to get paid for work they've done?

I doubt it, what with credit card companies and others are allowed to get away with, just because they put it in the contract... but figured if anyone knew of any legalese that either directly or indirectly applied, it would be nice to know of.

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Bank Recommendations

So, My bank has pissed me off. I want to open new accounts at another bank, and I am looking for recommendations. I won't bank with WaMu and KeyBank. What about credit unions? I am eligible to be a member at several. Is there any benefit to that?

Basically just looking for a good bank that offers free checking, savings, and online banking services. Thanks.
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any help would be a good thing

Hey everyone. My 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up and I need to know a good place to stay. We would like somewhere along the coast if possible. We have been looking at Cannon Beach, and Seaside. Does anyone know of a nice place to stay (with an in room jacuzzi if possible) for less than 200 a night. I would love to stay somewhere cool so any help would be awsome. Thanks!

ophelia by nivi, 2012
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the 'usual' please ;)

Portland Coffee House
2511 SE Belmont Street
Portland Oregon

January 7th, 2005
Friday, 7pm

My friend is having an art show reception this Friday at 7pm at Portland Coffee House (East). Possibly some of you sweet DamnPortlanders would like to view her art while indulging in tasty refreshments, some fine company, and lively conversations.

If that doesn't lure you out the door, they have yummy coffee and at least two hundred books... but who's counting? ;)

Happy New Year! <3
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Anyone else here JUST get their power back?

Rumor has it that over 20,000 people throughout Forest Grove, Banks, Cornelius, Hillsboro, and even NW Portland (I'm thinking the NW Portland that's by the Bethany area of Hillsboro) were out. Ours was out for an hour and a half; even the max station was out. @.@