January 2nd, 2005

I need your help if you know Blooddoll

Windy aka Blooddoll left Vancouver new years eve to go see my daughter in California, and never arrived. She also missed a check in call at 1pm News years day....if anyone here has her mom's number or Grandmother's number, or knows the model and make of her car please email the info to me at dejablu503 at yahoo dot com. We are very worried about her.

FREE STUFF and dog crates/kennels.

Please take some stuff. I've moved and I have a bunch of stuff I'd rather give away than throw away.
Gardening stuff.
An old futon.
Hanging outside flower pots.
Potting Soil.
Electric Can Opener.
Faux leather book bag.
Plaster cast of pregnant belly and boobs that has been collecting moss in the back yard.
(I am not at the house right now so I'm not sure what has been taken yet).

All items will be in front of the house or on the porch at 3921 SE Crystal Springs BLVD. The futon wont be on the porch until this afternoon (1-ish?)

As for the dog crates we have two crates, one medium and one large. We bought each for about $120. We would like to sell them for $50 each. One is missing the bolts (which can be easily replaced or ziptied) the other has some chewing on the inside. We'd like them gone asap.

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Anyone going to Mt. Hood Meadows this weekend?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone was making a trip up to Meadows this weekend, Saturday or Sunday. I was looking for a ride up there. I am 23 and live in SW Portland. I am willing to throw down some $$ for gas and would be willing to meet somewhere for the ride. This is my first yr living in Portland and have never driven up to Hood, but I do have a season pass.

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Goodbye, Adeline

Yesterday I received a letter from CHNW saying that they are going to demolish the Adeline and I need to move in a month. Apparently the Adeline is "settling" and "has cracks" that suggest it wouldn't survive a 4.0 earthquake.

Since I have to move, I was wondering if people could post different comments about the CHNW/PSU buildings that you have lived in or known someone who lived in them. I'm looking for a studio or a cheap one bedroom, in any of the following buildings: Blackstone, Cambrian, Clay, Clifton House, King Albert, Palladian, Parkway, St. Helens, Stratford, and Tiffany. I'm not sure what is available, but it would be very helpful if anyone would share their experiences. Thank you!

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Hey, stupid fucks!

Stop driving like maniacs down Belmont. I watched one of you lose control of your jeep and roll it over in front of my house yesterday, and then today another one of you decides that it's kosher to use the left lane (you know, that one opposing traffic uses) to pass people who are *gasp* actually driving at the speed limit.

Seriously, consider this a PSA. Belmont is full of blind intersections, bikes, and little kids, and somebody is going to get killed if people keep driving like assholes on it.

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Was just on PCC's site getting my room numbers for tomorrow, and was poking around and found this under "Personal Services":

Single Adjustment:
Students can find help adjusting to the single lifestyle by working with counseling staff. They may also be referred to groups, clubs and classes available on campus.

Woot! Welcome to the PCC Pimp Club.
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moving recommendations

i've successfully transitioned from Seattle to PDX, and now have become gainfully employed. I'm renting with some friends in Clackamas at the moment, but work in the Pearl District. I need to move closer very soon, and was wondering about neighborhoods, rental spaces, etc. which might be very economical, but also liveable and near the MAX- preferably close to the Pearl (i know it's expensive), or just across the river.
Please help me? i am not very familiar with the area....i mostly need MAX stations.
Thank you so much, magnanimous persons.