January 1st, 2005

She Said

Dollar Movies

Crap- I'm sorry to bother you guys with this the day after party night, but I can't find the info anywhere else. Where is the closest Dollar Theater if I live in the Vancouver area?

Thx, and Happy New Year!

chocolate lab found

found: large, male, chocolate lab in Sellwood Park this morning. no microchip, just a rabies tag. we're trying to trace the owner via the rabies tag (been traced a bit at Dov Lewis), but having a hard time do to most places being closed.
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dog update

okay, even if it's not your dog, does anyone know anywhere that might be open where this dog could be housed until their owner can be found? he's apparently a darling dog, but we can't get ahold of any of the hospitals that could give us his information (and the last one we could get a number for of was in Warrenton, OR) and I'm not sure we can house him until an owner is found (we have two dogs of our own).

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does anyone know if the Greyhound station is open today?

or: does anyone want to earn about $30? that's what I would pay you to drive me to Keizer. Pretty please. Please please please.

Around 6pm. Please.

Thank you, tabyk. You are the proud new owner of $30.

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Hey there DPers..my name is Miles and I'm a Cancer. My interests include trains, milk and partying at 3:00AM. I've got $30 burning a hole in my diaper...want to find out how to earn it?

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I'm looking to get rid of some dvds (some brand new, some slightly used, some bought used but barely played), but for the life of me don't know where to sell / trade them (do video rental chains do that?). if anyone is interested in buying / trading any of them, they are:

- 2 copies of Shrek (full screen. never again buying a dvd like Shrek online. was given the wrong one both times I ordered it)

- Laurel Canyon (bought used, but barely viewed. it played fine the last time I watched it)

- Chicago (same as Laurel Canyon)

- White Oleander (bought new, watched maybe once)

- Tori Amos "A Sorta Fairytale" music dvd (bought new, barely watched)

Damn you Tri-Met!

(To skip the back story and cut straight to the chase, I've bolded out the main question)
Naturally the one time I have plans for New Year's eve, something goes terribly wrong with public transportation. And I know the MAX has a bit of a mix up almost every day, but I was never fortunate enough to run into an incident until last night at 11:05. No MAXs were going towards Portland, but plenty were heading eastward past my stop at Hawthorne Farm. So a bus came around every MAX stop all the way to Beaverton Transit Centre picking up an hour's worth of pissy passengers who not only didn't get a ride as soon as they'd like, but also ended up celebrating New Year's on a bus, being wish a happy new year by none other than the bus driver. I wouldn't have been as pissed off if it was my plans to sit at a MAX stop waiting to meet up with my friends, but it wasn't, so bah. I'd just like to ask if anyone else ran across the MAX's hold up on new year's and if they know what caused the mess up.
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brother, can you spare some carpet?

If anyone had their carpet redone and has old scraps in their storage or garage, or has an ugly old rug they don't want, or need an excuse to lose it and get a nice new one, let me know. My glass studio has a concrete floor and is very, very cold (no heat goes in there.) A rug for my feet would make it a lot more homey, and feel warmer, even if it really isn't. So if you are going to chuck some carpet/rug stuff, please let me know if you'd rather someone take it and use it instead of it ending up in the garbage.


Happy New Year and all that schizznit.

'*'..New Years..'*'

ok..call it a drunken epiphany..but I have decided to check into a few minor surgical options to make my life easier in 2005..laser eye surgery..i am near sighted..laser hair removal..I dont want any hair from the neck down and it is a chore to make sure i am not getting mistaken for george the animal steel..and last but not least..there is a chinese method to permanently straighten hair untill the curls grow back in..now..I am hoping I can get some advice..recommendations..even horror stories to help me make my decisions wisely..or some crap..heh..so if you got a story or some advice or just wanna tell me hairy chicks are in this year and smooth legs are so very out..go ahead..*nods*..come hither with the info!..*grins*..thanks in advance:)
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I would just like to thank all of you that responded to my post about Muppet the kitty. We were very lucky to find a new kitty mommy in the first person that emailed us, and she has taken Mupps to live with her. Thanks again, to those of you that thought about opening your home up to our baby, and to wonderful woman who ended up getting to do so.
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I just thought maybe this would be a nice to time (again) to tell everyone about Freecycle--I'm sure most everyone here knows about it, but in case someone doesn't, you should totally check it out! :)


Not only is it fun to clean out and give things to people who can actually use them when you can't, people really do give away a lot of great things! So far, some of the things we've received have included enough computer parts to build at least one computer, a dvd player, printers, a palm pilot, and clothes and linens. There are SEVERAL groups in the Portland Metro area, all listed at the website above. If one of your resolutions is to get rid of some of your clutter, this is a great way to do it! :)
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Crazy Street Fight

Looking for crazy drunk asain chick who I got into the street fight with in China town last night around 2 or 3 am. You had your three friends, and you gave us the bottle of Maker's whisky.

Just wanted to say thank you for making my evening complete.
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.:..:..:..:.yay for crapass video stores.:..:..:..:.

..heh..I need more help and whatnot..I am not super aware to portlands hidden smaller businesses..but there has to be a place where I can find a horror movie heaven..all the places I have checked out..have a really brokeass selection of decent horror..I am not just talking big budget..I am a horror junkie..I like everything..even cheesey B horror thats so bad you feel like putting on a helmet for watching it..*drools*..so I need the goods on a place where i can bask in a heavenly selection of bloodfilmed goodness..even a place that sells would be cool..I have an insane collection..but I am always on the lookout for more..thanks in advance..*waves*
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Found Dog

Did anyone lose their dog on Hayden Island? Possibly in the Jantzen Beach Home Depot parking lot? If so, can you describe and post here and I can get you in touch with the person taking care of it.

Spread the word?

VCR and TV, yeah!

Happy New Year DPers!
What better way to start off the new year than by buying stuff from your fellow Portlander's? YEAH! I have a VCR and a TV/VCR both in great condition but due to kickass Christmas presents, they are no longer needed. I am selling both for $35. Just comment if you are interested. Have a good night :)
yes oregon!

looking for something to do...

There is a great 6 or so person folk/jazz-esque band playing live at Fireside Cafe (12th and NE Powell) right now. Really talented guys and a fun experience.

come on over!

They just started playing, it's free, and Fireside is a 24 hour place.

they also have free wireless internet (okay you have to spend $2.50....)
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I recently found out my sister has bulimia and I am trying to find resources in this area or in Washington. Does anybody know anything about centers? therapy? Anything?

Also- if anybody has personnal experiances that they think would help or advice i'd really appreciate it.

I just want to help and i'm having a really hard time finding places, let alone plays that wouldn't bankrupt my family....