December 31st, 2001


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If you're living in Salem/Keizer but lurking around this community pretending you're from Portland, getting heatedly jealous every time you hear a cool event getting plugged that it'll take you half a tank of gas to get to - never fear! Join the salemoregon community, and hopefully someday we'll be able to collaborate and have a little fun of our own. :)
peep war.
  • mrpants

dear portland,

where are your new year's house parties?!?? i get off work around midnight, and i want to find trouble later.. i promise to be courteous and bring lots of jaegermeister!

  • koty

Happy New Year!

I figured I'll probably be too sauced later to type, so here's my greeting of happiness and prosperity (however you define that) in NEW YEAR 2002! (The year of the palindrome)
Have a good one, and BE SAFE!!!!!
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