December 14th, 2001

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To the person at the AM/PM who stocked the root beer --- Up your ass with a serrated shovel! I left after getting yelled at by the gas pump man, and after I left, and was on the road, I opened my beverage. It exploded! I had to make a mad dash to my house to change clothes, grab a towel for the seat and another for the steering wheel, console, and dash!
To the person who couldn't get into the I-405 south lane, when there was ample room, and decided instead, to illegally wait until the last second to try and merge, and therefor, almost causing a pile-up --- GO TO HELL! And take all your other little friends that do the same thing with you!
And Finally to the person/people with the sucky-ass customer service skills --- It is not my fault that your job sucks so don't take it out on me!
Thank you!
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