December 12th, 2001

any people in heavy metal or punk bands here lookin for people to play with?

I got a friend in canada thats part of a metal band and they are lookin for a few groups down here to play with, the band can be punk, metal, or whatever, their just lookin for a few bands to play a show down here with, they arent one of those cheesy garage bands that sound like crap either, they are pretty damn good, if you wanna hear any of their stuff go to:

They're pretty loud, intense, have a fast beat, and put all those together pretty well, If you like "Slipknot" or "System Of A Down" then you will definently like them,

his email is
and his icq is 20290437

so if your interested, know anyone interested, need details, or can help the band in anyway email him and he will get right back to you, thanks everyone, take care and have a good one
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