December 10th, 2001

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I thought I'd copy sorchar's idea and see if anyone wanted to be the proud parent of a year-old male white rabbit named Vladimir. He's litterbox trained and comes with a cage and all it's accessories, some hay, cat litter for his litterbox, a litterbox, claw clippers, a harness and leash... I think that's it... anyway, he's a darling - friendly, good with children, doesn't use his teeth at all - but he needs to go to a larger place where he can run around out of his cage and get more attention than I can give him. So if anyone wants him, he'd make a great Christmas gift! Let me know!
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Hey - Question here...

Is there anywhere in town that's cheap - Where a person can go be away from everyone and everything with out being cold and alone?
I know, away from people but not alone = Weird
But if you remotely understand and could suggest a place, please let me know. I need to get away from here and from myself for a while. Thanks!
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