December 9th, 2001

  • sorchar


A couple of months ago, I took in a pair of female rats who needed a home. I've kept pet rats before, but since the last time I kept them, I've developed hideous allergies to anything furry. I'm trying to find them a new home. Does anyone want them, or know someone who would? They're sweet, but skittish, as the last owner really neglected them and they haven't been socialized much. Espresso is calmer; Cappuccino has nipped once or twice, when I startled her, but not hard enough to break the skin, and rats generally aren't biters at all, so I think this is just because she's not used to being handled. The Humane Society wants $35 apiece to take them, and I just can't afford that. I'd like them to go to a home together, if possible. They have a nice three-level cage, and I'll probably end up buying more food and litter since they're almost out, so they'd come with some supplies. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.