November 17th, 2001


Meteor Shower this weekend!

My suggestion to you is one night this weekend... find a dark desolate place to go out with some friends (and some beer if ya want) and watch the stars =)

I'm planning my night already.
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(no subject)

cøuntdøwn... nine days.

heres the gameplan:

bløømingtøn-nørmal{BNL} tø kansas city{KCY}
9:17am - 8:4Øpm

kansas city tø løs angeles uniøn statiøn{LAX}
1Ø:36pm - 8:4Øam

løs angeles uniøn station tø pørtland{PDX}
arrives at 1Ø:ØØam

see ya øn the 29th.

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sunday 11.18.01

Fetish Night 11.18.01

With Dj's




Industrial, Elecktro,
Ebm, Goth, Dark Ambient
and Noise

With Performances by,

trance SEND

Deacon X
and the Fetish Night Players

starts at 10pm

3rd and Ankeny
Berbati's Pan
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