November 13th, 2001

Stuff to Do!

Ok, since several people are interested, i'm posting some "stuff to do in Portland" resources. Keep in mind that these are not singles groups. However, i've found that getting out of the house and making friends is not only a good way to stave off loneliness, but also a good way to score dates. Even if you don't meet anyone who is a good prospect, you might meet cool people with single friends. ;} If you're looking for anything in particular, drop me a line and i might have the info or be able to find it. In particular, if you're looking for queer stuff or transgendered stuff, email me and i will email you with anything i might have.

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If I Were Japanese

After a little over a year of livin' up north...

I recycle now. I even brought my own glass to work so I don't have to use the throw-away paper cups they have here. I traded in my Tundra (15mpg) for a Civic (40mpg). I take public transit sometimes and walk a lot. I'm eating more veggies, more soy, and less meat. I'm much more health conscious and I exercise more. I am more aware of public affairs and politics.

What the HELL has Portland done to me!?!?! ;-]
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