November 7th, 2001

  • koty

Looking for poetry nights . . .

I'm enlisting all you wonderful people's help to discover when/where local poetry readings are typically held. I went to several at Cafe Lena a few years ago, but have no idea if they're still at it, or when they'd be. Any updates on poetry slams would be great, too! Thanks for the help!
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Corbis face

Please help!!! I need to create!!!

Is there anywhere where a person can go and play with clay at random times and have use of a kiln and glazes with little or at almost no cost? I'm already looking into PCC... but I have a very erratic work schedule and I know that even if auditing, instructors get pretty irritated with drop in whenever you want type students. I was kind of thinking some sort of community-type setup would be cool. But, alas I don't know where to turn. Any suggestions?
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