October 25th, 2001


Indie KweerKore House Concert - Portland, OR

An indie musician friend of mine is barreling through town and crashing with me for a night. She didn't score a gig here this time (bad planning) so I thought I'd throw a little house concert for fun, keep her vocal chords warmed up. Her web address is:


if you want to check her out first. She's a great singer/songwriter and does some poetry/spoken word stuff as well. I totally admire her blue-haired queer as fuck self driving solo through the countryside with her bumper stickers getting her pulled over in small towns all across the USA.

The concert will be at 7pm on Monday the 29th of October (next monday) -- $5 suggested donation (to give her gas $), but no worries if you don't have it. It's totally optional. If you're interested, drop me an email. I only have room for 20 people in my living room so let me know as soon as you can. I'm only giving the addy out to the first 20 people to respond.

Thanks, y'all!
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Glam Rock

Is anyone else planning on attending the glam rock ball tomorrow night at Dante's or am I the only throwback left who's still into that sort of thing?
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need couch/sofa

Does anyone have a couch/sofa/hideabed they want to sell or just give away? I want something clean, and soft and cozy. Preferably biege or white, but if it's like a cool dark green/etc or the design is luxurious then I will consider it....
I will see if I can make pick up arrangements, but if you happen to have a pickup, I'd pay for gas and extra $ if you help haul it for me. :)

I can pay up to $30. Thanks! :)

ps- Any nice cushy chairs out there there there?