October 19th, 2001

I know, I know

I know this is in Seattle and not in Portland but it is just too damn good not to share with you all.

NOV. 15th somewhere up in Seattle
Weezer and Tenacious D!!!!

No one will understand how excited I am about this...ok maybe Lori (amazonqueen) will understand cause she's a Weezer freak too.
Anyway, thats all, on btw I think it's around $27.
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Jobs and Music

So I found a place and am now residing happily in Portland.

Next the hard part: A job. Anyone got any suggestions? It's hard right now because Oregons in Recession and all.. but it can't be impossible right? I'm optimistic... there HAVE to be good places to work that pay fairly decently around here ($9-$10/hr).


On another note: Anyone wanna suggest good places to hook up with musicians? My friend from Austin, TX is coming up at some point in the next few months to live here and he and I wanna start a band (We're eventually gonna need a lead guitarist and drummer). So it'd be good to start making those connections now.

What'd be awesome is if I could find a music studio to intern at or something...


That's all.
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