October 8th, 2001

If I Were Japanese


Smart people my age that like going out and having fun on the weekends. I moved
to Portland a year ago and still have not met too many people that I can really
relate to. This group seems swell. Smart, artistic, and sarcastic. Kickass. Hit me up if
you want to chat about... whatever. (check my profile for my details)
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The Horrible Truth
  • hathos

Concert Wednesday!

Two days 'til Old 97's play the Crystal. i'm SOOOOO stoke.

who else is going?

i know that there's some unwritten rule among the "real" fans about singing along, but screw them. i'm gonna do it anyway
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(no subject)

i just thought I would say something pointless...

Cheese comes from cows...

It was cold today...

I heard Ugly Casanova is going to be in town...anyone know when and where?
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