October 6th, 2001

Best thing going on tonight

Tonight... at, I believe the Crystal Ballroom...

Floater headlining, King Black Acid opening (or maybe between Floater and another band, but I've seen no other bands advertised with them).

I've heard nothing but good things about Floater for years, but never checked them out... supposed to be cerebral grooves that shake the bod

much like KBA.

If you go to this show, you will dance - at least while KBA plays - there is no other way around it... they are one of my favorite live bands. Music that screams for the mind, yet also touches the body and makes it impossible not to move.

Their website: www.kingblackacid.com

They've got some mp3's there which, while good, in now way can bring through the power that KBA has live.

It's, I believe, 10$ to get in, and will be every bit worth you while... I strongly urge you to go if you love 'em, or go if you don't, because you will love them....

and hey, buy me a drink while you're there, I'm poor ;)