September 26th, 2001

insomnia, the mother of creativity...and rambling

So yah, It's 4:40am on a Wed. morn and I can't sleep. I've been poking around lj for a while and I found this lil community and funny enough I live in Portland too. So here's the lil intro. on me.
My name is Kevin, 19, theater major at PSU. Been here for about 10-11 years, high school here and all that jazz. Left for 6 months to Ashland for SOU, hated it, missed portland, came home. Ummm...I'm kinda into the "rave scene" in town, but this year has been severely lacking in good parties. So yah, I'm a g33k and I'm damn proud too.
I guess thats it, read my journal if you wanna know more and if any of you feel like dropping me a few lines maybe we can meet up or you can throw things at me *shrug* whatever. Ok, I'm done
[/rambling] Later,
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