September 16th, 2001

  • koty

Thoughts on going to war

I wonder who they "poll" in these national polls that suggest something like 90 percent of Americans are in favor of swiftly going to war. So, I'd like to take an informal poll of the intelligent, politically aware citizens known as Portlanders. I don't know how to do a fancy one, so just reply to this and let me know what you think! (Not to bias you, but I personally am not at all in favor of all-out war -- punish the guilty, not the innocent!)
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(no subject)

I keep seeing flyers from this yahoo's website in the windows of cars and businesses.

He is a Portland resident and is passing out his flyers to businesses...he plans on canvassing SE tomorrow.

Please read the entire content of his website and e-mail him with your opinion....and if you object to his actions, please inform businesses that post his signs about his actions and motivations.

Here is the text of the e-mail I sent to him:

Utilizing this web site name, and encouraging people to support a site where you openly brag about threatening a woman in front of her children, and your children, are actions done in terrible taste.

Grieve, organize, whatever makes you feel better, but please respect other human beings in the process. As your neighbor, I am appalled by your behavior and I am embarrassed to be living in Hillsdale every time I see one of your signs.

If you represent "Us" then yes, I'm against you.