September 8th, 2001


Introduction to me

Hey ya'll,

My names Zen. I'm currently posting from Eugene, Oregon - a kind of inbetween stop for me on my route to Portland. I'm originally from the San Fransico Bay Area in California, and I've been planning to move to the awesome city of Portland for some time... I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a go: I'm going to be coming up there this Thursday and staying for a week or two. I know this is probably the worst time of year to be searching for apartments (Due to all the college students incoming and such) but it was really the best time for me to be leaving California.

I'm looking for a studio apartment (Or some people looking for room mates) in NW Portland. But I'm definately open to SW and SE P-Town too. Right now I'm thinking I can afford $450 a month in rent.. but actually on reflection even that is probably too much...

Anyways, if anyone has any advice they can give me on living in Portland or finding housing that'd be great. Thanks a lot.