August 28th, 2001

gram parsons

I'm new to this community, folks.

So, talk to me... please talk to me.

My name is David, and I currently reside in the deepest bowels of North Carolina (Charlotte).

I was in Portland back in April of 1998, and I absolutely fell in love with the place. I am certain that just like many other municipalities, it has it's share of problems. Granted.

I have been in Charlotte for almost 14 years, now, and I feel the need to relocate where I believe that I can thrive as an artist.

That's my deal... I am an artist... I need to be educated of the people to contact before I head out there again. My work has been in galleries and coffeehouses in Charlotte since 1992. My art is collected by people all over the USA. I'm no slouch at this, folks... it's who I am... it's what I do.

I love Portland for it's broad diversity (compared to Charlotte, Portland may as well be Paris), proximity to Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, Eugene, Salem, Eureka, San Francisco, and L.A., medium size, and climate. I have many friends from Vancouver to L.A., but none in Portland to give me the scoop.

This is me...

Thank you=0)!

Now, finally, to get some sleep...

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