August 24th, 2001

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ROFL. This school's administration has got to be one of the most fucked up of all time. " President David Tyson also warned that students could get expelled for talking publicly about the unsolved murder." And people wonder why I left this school and why I don't recommend them as a good school every chance I get... The guy is a first class gomer..

I don't know why it surprises me. The Catholic Church try to keep something quiet and covered up? First, it's alcoholism, then it's child sex abuse, now it's murder. It's the don't talk about it it will go away.

The article is here with a picture...

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If the little kids parents, from Central Catholic, start getting in my hell-trucks way now that school kiddies summer is almost over, they might be sorry.

Drop your kids off at the curb.. drop your kids off at the curb.. fling your kids out towards the curb.. fling your kids out towards the curb..