August 5th, 2001

peep war.

hi there

ladies and gentlemen, introducing--


first post here. i'm moving to portland on the 1st of sept, from olympia.

i just received a ba in e. europe studies from evergreen. i work at a restaurant. a good one.

i'm looking for work in yr city!! if anyone has leads, or needs a hard working quick learner, i'm yr man! i'd like to get out of the restaurant loop, but i'll take anything to start with. well, i won't strip.

also: i'll be looking for places to see/be seen: theaters, clubs, bars, etc. where's the best food co-op by the way? i hear "peoples'" is great...

various skills:
internet-friendly, computer-familiar, waits tables like a bad-ass, general shit-talking, problem solving, critical reasoning, good editor, great communications person, eats fire, speaks russian, swell dresser, and so much more. you need me. your business needs me. yr friends' businesses need me. you won't be disappointed.
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