June 23rd, 2001

  • koty

hey there

just wanted to say hello! i signed up for this group awhile ago, but couldn't figure out how to post. i've lived in portland for 24 1/2 of my 26 years of life. i've traveled a lot, but this is the only place i could really call home! anyhow, i enjoy reading people's posts about cool things to do around town. it's just as good as picking up a willamette week! take care all . . .
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  • aimeeg

(no subject)

hey party people...

party people in the house...

we're having a par-tay tonight. play some Dance Dance Revolution,</d> drink some drinks and so on...

if you would like to partake, e-mail me at aimee@nerdygirl.net

c'mon... like you have something better to do.
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