May 26th, 2001

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Hi! I've been in Portland for a while now but just got on this LJ thing and thought I'd try and scam some friends in here :) So... if you'd like to be my neighbor, then I'd like to be yours (won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor)! If nothing else stop by my new budding journal and say hi.
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Friends, Portlanders, Countrymen, lend me your ears...

Greetings all!

My name is Adrienne, and I am a Portlander. Actually, at the moment, I am in self-imposed exile (read: college) in Galesburg, Illinois. However, Galesburg is flat, both in landscape and in character, and I can't wait for my return to the ol' hometown for the summer on June 3.

All right... that is all. Comment, tell me hello, visit my journal... just make me happy. Portland makes me happy. All of you make me happy.
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