May 21st, 2001


hey, I sure do want to know more about GuitarBoy!

Jolly: That's great! Guitarboy is wonderful! Let me ask you. Are you a musician, lyricist, or just plain want to know more about the performance end of music?

You: Well I sure am! :::amazed look at my crazy insightfulness:::

Jolly: Super! Let me ask something else.:::puts on serious expression::: and this is important. Do you live in Vancouver Wa., Portland Or., or a surrounding area?

You: :::Big smile::: Well I sure do!

Jolly: Than you should go to GuitarBoy! You can meet More people like yourself, get links to tablature, lessons, and maybe even form yourself some kind of a band! Yes GuitarBoy! Your home away from home! That's Guitarboy! Monkey friendly, kitty approved!

You: Alright! :::thumbs up:::

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