April 27th, 2001



Hello! I just joined your community today. I'm from Vancouver, but I enjoy Portland very much. ...Umm... i once had surgery on my penis.

Damn it! Why is it every time I'm meeting new people I run out of things to say and talk about my penis surgery!?! Every damn time!!! I need a new fall back story! This penis thing is just too weird! I'm putting exclamation marks behind everything I say as if it was something of importance!

Anyway, nice meeting you all. Hope I don't piss anyone off while I'm here.

Bye Portland/Vancouver people.
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I am obviously very upset so shutup!


Okay, so calling all portlander(surrounding area) artiste's who are interested in a project:

The Project : 'flan'

The 'flan' is a zine that is going to be created. It will be whatever we make it. Each person will have two pages (a folded in half letterhead sized two pages0 that they can do basically whatever they want with and feature whatever they want. 'Flan' staffers include (Jen, nicole(me), ivory, and a chica named chandra from CoffeeTime) Members of the 'flan' staff will take turns designing the front page. Thinking the first one will be designed by jen an dbe a feature of all the photos of people at CoffeeTime. I would like it to be 16 pages front/back, which means we need like 4 more people. If you are interested or have any questions and wnat to know more or propose ides, email me at opheliacry@hotmail.com/. so thanks for listening. love you all from.....zeee Flandress
G.I.R. & Zim

An Introduction

Ok, I find the community and then a friend joins it before me and traumatizes you all with stories of his penis... guess that's the way it goes.

Nice ta meet you all. Just figured I'd join cause I'd like to meet people in the area. Oh yeah, I'm in the much less interesting city of Vancouver, but Portland rocks.

I have absolutely nothing to say so I'll talk with you all later. (yes, I have a boring entrance compared to talk of penises and funny haiku's... all my comedy comes from me trying to be serious and messin it up... so you'll just have to wait and see.)
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G.I.R. & Zim

My car

Ok... I have an interesting story to tell all of you.

See, until this last Tuesday I had a car. For two years I had that car and it was a wonderful part of my life providing hours of joy and leisure. Then Tuesday as I was driving home I suddenly smelled gas, and soon after my car exploded. Just like in the movies. Fire shooting out of the front, up out of the hood and out from underneath... then it died down to where just the front end was burning...

Later I found out that it was at least a 1700 degree fire (due to the fact that it melted my engine block) figured I'd let you know so if the subject of my car is ever mentioned I don't have to explain my funny (yet emotionally painful... the loss you see) story...

And finally I ask you, what are the chances? The car runs fine... and then SPLODE!!! eh, whatever...
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