Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in damnportlanders,
Blackjack Gabbiani


I'm aiming to beat a world record and the problem is I need two people without a connection to me to verify it. You have to be "an expert in the field" but considering the record is Largest Collection of Video Game Screenshots (YES that's a real thing!) that would be anything from visual artists to geeks to programmers to avid gamers. So if you think you're even remotely qualified, drop me a line at and we can set up when to do this. I need two, as I said, so I'd need to set up a time we can all meet. I'd prefer to do this at Washington Square Mall since it's near my house, and since I need to videotape the proceedings it's nice and well lit. I'll buy you anything you want from the food court during the entire time, as well as copies of the next Guinness Gamers Book when it comes out.

Notice regarding those compensations--I AM allowed to compensate you just as long as that compensation doesn't change with the outcome. So you'd get all of those no matter if I break the record or not.

I'd also prefer that at least one of you has a laptop. I have one but since as I said I have to get a video of this, I'd want to get both of you at the same time.

Please help me out! Finding verifiers is proving to be more difficult than working on the record itself!
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